Sprinske Civil War

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Sprinske Civil War
DateAugust 2021-17 August 2022
  • End of the Democratic Republic of Sprinskè
  • Independence of the People’s Democratic Republic of Sprinskè
  • Sprinske Empire reunification
  •  Sprinske Empire
  • Supported by

  •  Democratic Republic of Sprinske
  • Cyria
  • United Communist States of Britain
  • Union of Sprinske Communist Republics
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Sprinske Empire Emperor Aaron I
  • Democratic Republic of Sprinske General Zachary Stewart
  • Units involved
    10-15 7-12

    The Sprinske Civil War was a politically significant conflict in the Kolniari Sector. It began at some point in August 2021 and ended on 17 August 2022. It resulted in the temporary split in the Sprinske Empire, and later the independence of the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinskè. Despite officially being fought between August 2021 and August 2022, very little actually happened after December 2021, when the war unofficially came to a close after the Sprinske Empire’s taking of Úrmda, the Democratic Republic of Sprinskè’s capital.

    During the conflict, the D.R.S. took on many different forms, most of which have been lost to history and considered part of ‘Ancient Kolniari’ along with the Pre-Donkrean nations from 2017-2020. Although some photographs and videos of the war were taken, very few of them still exist, most were eventually deleted or lost to history.


    The Sprinske Revolution had effectively brought an end to communism in the Kolniari Sector, but it had also brought an end to stability in the sector, as a guerrilla group known as the GCU, led by the former King Zachary of the Sprinske Communist Republic, embarked on a campaign of consistent attacks on the Sprinske Empire and Imperial Republic of Donkrea. The former was able to defend from these attacks and maintain relative stability, but the latter was severely effected by the attacks, resulting in its government collapsing and the nation becoming a de facto anarchist region. By the summer of 2021, the attacks ceased as the GCU had practically collapsed, with members abandoning the goal of resurrecting the Sprinske Communist Republic as it had been several months since the collapse of the nation, and the organisation had achieved little success. Zachary Stewart later became the Commander of the Sprinske Empire’s Armed Forces, although his communist views were well known. During this period just prior to the Sprinske Civil War, the Sprinske Empire was slowly moving towards socialism due to Zachary’s high-ranking position of government awarding him a high level of influence. The nation also began to focus heavily on its armed forces, specifically its navy. Emperor Aaron I and Zachary Stewart worked together to construct vessels using paper, cardboard and wood. Multiple vessels were constructed during this time, even though they would be practically useless in combat as they were mostly made from paper.

    At this point, the nation was split over the issue of communism. Zachary Stewart and his supporters argued in favour of returning to communism, but others including the Emperor argued that returning to communism would be a terrible idea. Relations began to sour between Zachary Stewart and Emperor Aaron I over the issue of communism’s potential return. The Emperor believed that Zachary Stewart was trying to resurrect the Sprinske Communist Republic through peaceful means, and took every action that he could to prevent it, such as blocking laws that would bring back the Sprinske Communist Republic or turn the empire communist. In early August 2021, tensions were rising quickly, and Emperor Aaron officially outlawed communism in the Sprinske Empire in an attempt to prevent the Sprinske Communist Republic’s return. In response, Zachary Stewart and his supporters declared independence from the Sprinske Empire, declaring the Democratic Republic of Sprinskè, which started the Sprinske Civil War.