Democratic Republic of Sprinske

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Democratic Republic of Sprinske
Flag of Democratic Republic of Sprinske
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Kolniaric Languages
Establishment3 August 2021
• 2021 census
CurrencySprinske Æ
Drives on theleft

The Democratic Republic of Sprinske, better known as West Sprinske, was a Micronation that existed during the period known as the Sprinske civil war. The nation existed from 3 August 2021 - 9 December 2021 and existed as a successor to the Sprinske Communist Republic. West Sprinske was also a communist dictatorship like the Sprinske Communist Republic, but there were some major differences. Firstly, the official leader of the nation would no longer be a king, but instead, the general would run the nation. This better connected the military to government, and made the possibility of a coup very unlikely.

In West Sprinske, there was a slight increase in freedom of speech and other rights. It was still illegal to speak against communism, however, but the nation did allow minor reforms.



In late-July, the government of the Sprinske Empire was in a heated debate over the issue of communism. The Emperor, Aaron I, was against communism existing in the nation, and wanted a total ban on communism, socialism and any other forms of Marxism. The General, however, embraced communism, and wanted to gradually transform the Sprinske Empire into a communist state, or even turn it back to the Sprinske Communist Republic

Sprinske civil war


West Sprinske’s secession directly started the Sprinske civil war, and the country’s main priority was to ready itself for war. West Sprinske controlled a major percentage of the Sprinske Navy, including the HMS Invader. Prior to the war, Emperor Aaron I and the General were planning to build a super aircraft carrier named HMS Falcon. Construction started in July 2021 and was expected to be finished sometime in September, but the outbreak of the war brought construction to a halt on 30 August 2021. This aircraft carrier remained with the Sprinske Empire.

West Sprinske didn’t have an airfield, so they spent the majority of their budget not being spent on fighting the war on building a new airfield and aircraft factory. They needed a company to build aircraft, as Eagle Aircraft Corporation was building planes to fight them.

West Sprinske had a strong navy, despite most of it’s ships being older, refurbished vessels. The flagship of these was the HMS Invader, an older ship built shortly after the Sprinske Revolution to celebrate freedom, but the ship was refurbished shortly after the nation split, and was given better water cannons for sinking enemy vessels.

West Sprinske sent HMS Invader out along with two destroyers to patrol the waters of West Sprinske. Invader had minor structural damage following a rogue wave, and HMS Emperor managed to sink both destroyers. One of the Sprinske Empire’s ships crashed into the HMS Emperor and sank, both major flagships left the battle with minor damage.

There were 5 naval battles, and the West Sprinske fleet was completely destroyed during the fifth. HMS Invader managed to critically damage HMS Emperor, but was then blown to pieces by HMS Viva and Emperor. The only West Sprinske aircraft carrier was also destroyed after an explosion came from HMS Emperor and it was struck by burning debris, causing it to burn to the ground.


On 20 September 2021, spyplanes notified Emperor Aaron I that West Sprinske was building a naval base unreachable by naval forces. This base was building a new super battleship that could destroy the likes of HMS Osprey in a single shot. This was a reasonable cause of concern for the Sprinske Empire, as the HMS Osprey was the strongest ship in their navy. If this new battleship was finished, it could destroy the Sprinske Navy.

On 21 September, fighter jets emerged over West Sprinske, targeting the shipyards and the airfield. The General of West Sprinske realised that if the airfield was destroyed, they could no longer have a chance at winning the war. Anti-Aircraft fire lit up the sky as they tried to protect the Air Force base and shipyards, but it was all in vein. The shipyard collapsed with the new battleship inside of it, but it was the fire that destroyed everything, including the ship itself. As for the air base, it was completely destroyed.


West Sprinske had taken heavy losses in the battles so far, but they decided that the only way to win was to take Spritsnasque. The Sprinske Empire did not expect a sudden invasion of their capital city, one of the few regions that the war hadn’t effected.

On 2 October 2021, the assault on Spritsnasque began. For hours, the city was bombarded by West Sprinske. Soldiers crossed the border into the city, as the Sprinske Empire refused to give up the city without a major fight. Finally, after hours of destruction, West Sprinske had captured the city. The victory sent a much-needed wave of patriotism in West Sprinske, and desperation for the Sprinske Empire.

It was on 16 October 2021, after a period of stalemate, the Sprinske Empire launched an assault to take back the city. West Sprinske mistakingly believed that the city itself would be under attack, so they put troops on the border, but the Sprinske Imperial Army broke through the sides and surrounded the city. Over the next few hours, they surrounded the city with more and more troops, until West Sprinske gave up.

The Sprinske Empire knew that the West would attack them sometime in late October, so on Revolution Day (30 October), they planted a mole in West Sprinske. The mole told them everything, and when West Sprinske attacked, they were immediately destroyed.

End of West Sprinske

With the citizens of both countries sick of war, the Sprinske Emperor ordered an assault on the West Sprinske capital of Urmda. The entire army of West Sprinske were sent out to defend the capital, but they knew what the General did not, the war was over. West Sprinske could no longer exist, it had lost the support of it’s people, who just wanted to be part of the Sprinske Empire again, so the army surrendered after only small amounts of combat. With the city undefended, the Sprinske army walked right into the government building and officially annexed it. West Sprinske’s government collapsed, and none of the members even told the general, as he had went inactive. West Sprinske ceased to exist on 9 December 2021.

Government and Politics

The Democratic Republic of Sprinske did have elections, but they were monitored very closely by the government, and the Communist Party never lost any elections. The Communist Party was led by the General, who also led the military forces and the nation itself. He also reigned as the King of the Sprinske Communist Republic.

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