Republic of North Sprinskè

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Republic of North Sprinskè
Républica de la Nórdja de Sprinskè
Flag of Republic of North Sprinskè
Anthem: Viva Sprinske
Official languages
Demonym(s)Northern Sprinske
Today part ofGrand Republic of Kolniari

The Republic of North Sprinskè is a micronation in the Kolniari Sector. It was originally founded on 13 January 2023 after declaring independence from Free Scotland, but the nation’s leader, Anthony Scott, gave in to Zachary Stewart’s demands after only an hour or so of existence. The new nation of North Sprinskè was founded on 2 February 2023 under new leadership, formed out of some territories that used to belong to Free Scotland as the nation was divided following the Second Kolniaric War.

North Sprinskè is a satellite state of the Grand Kolniaric Republic.


Original North Sprinskè

North Sprinskè was originally founded on 13 January 2023 after Anthony Scott, one of Zachary Stewart’s generals, decided to switch sides. After Free Scotland’s North Kolniaric territories were taken by the Kolniaric Union and rebel force, North Sprinskè declared independence under Anthony Scott’s control. Aaron I, Emperor of Sprinske and Anthony Scott took a walk around the nation and talked about the history of the Kolniari Sector, in particular about the rivalry between Sprinskè and all of Zachary Stewart’s nations. Anthony then explained his ideas for a flag, along with his system of government, although the nation did not last for very long. When Zachary Stewart heard about the nation’s independence, he made a set of demands, and Anthony Scott gave into them.

Republic of North Sprinskè

The Republic of North Sprinskè was declared on 2 February 2023 after the dissolution of Free Scotland, the remnants of that nation became the Organised League of Stewartists, but it’s North Kolniari territories were divided. Some of it was annexed as part of the Sprinske Republic’s region of West Mandela City,