Duchy of Seitnam

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Duchy of Seitnam
Flag of Duchy of Seitnam
Anthem: History of the entire world I guess
Kolniari Sector
Official languagesRolton, Sprinske Scots
GovernmentDuchy, Absolute monarchy
• Duke
Micheal I of Seitnam
Establishment1 November 2022
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling, Seitnamese Pian

The Duchy of Seitnam, more commonly referred to as Seitnam or Séitnam was a micronation in the Kolniari Sector, it was founded on 1 November 2022 after Duke Callum I bought some territory from the Sprinske Empire. The nation is the only nation in the Kolniari Sector that isn’t part of the Kolniaric Union. It is also the smallest geographically and by population.

The nation is a fully sovereign Duchy, usually such nations would be known as Grand Duchies, but in this case, it is referred to as a duchy. It borders the Sprinske Empire, the Union of the Free and the Catanese Republic, of which is has hostile relations with the latter two nations.


Seitnam was founded on 1 November 2022 via a purchase of territory by Duke Callum I from the Sprinske Empire, and immediately had hostile relations with the Mafia Republic and the Union of the Free. Like Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba and the Sprinske Empire which are also in the Kolniari Sector, Seitnam is also a monarchy. The country didn’t have a flag until 4 November 2022 and still awaits major additions such as a capital city or a proper currency.

2022 Kolniaric Union Invasion of Seitnam

In November 2022, the Sprinske Empire, Catanese Republic and Union of the Free began to suspect the Duchy of Seitnam of planning to cause a war in the Kolniari Sector. Seitnam was accused of planning to invade the Republic of Pekatan, but they were actually planning to attack the Union of the Free instead, resulting in the Kolniaric Union deciding to intervene. On 10 November 2022, after 3 attack stages were planned out, the Union of the Free was the first to invade, taking some of the country’s eastern territory, soon followed by a joint attack on the panhandle region by Sprinske and the Mafia Republic. The Battle of the Panhandle was the only major battle of the war, and had mixed results: Sprinske was able to take control of the area, but the Emperor fell into the bushes partly due to the wind, but mostly due to the Duke of Seitnam. Eventually, Seitnam agreed to surrender, as the Treaty of New Tripoli was agreed on, which would end the war on 11 November 2022 at 11:00.

Government and Politics

The Duchy of Seitnam is an absolute monarchy where the Duke has all of the power. So far, the nation does not have a government house or Parliament, with more changes to the nation’s government expected within the next few days.

Foreign relations

Flag Name Held diplomatic relations since
Sprinske Empire Sprinske Empire 1 November 2022
Union of the Free Union of the Free 1 November 2022
Template:Country data Mafia Republic Catanese Republic 1 November 2022