Sprinske Revolution

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Sprinske Revolution

MicroBall representation of the Sprinske Revolution
Date29–30 October 2020
Result Revolutionary victory
 Sprinske Communist Republic Sprinske Empire Revolutionaries
Commanders and leaders
  • Sprinske Communist Republic King Zachary I
  • Sprinske Communist Republic Sir Blake Smith
  • Sprinske Empire Revolutionary leader Aaron
  • Units involved
    12 8

    The Sprinske Revolution was a civil uprising in the Kolniari Sector which took place on 30 October 2020. It is widely seen as the event which ended Ancient Kolniari and gave rise to the modern Kolniari Sector. The revolution ended the Sprinske Communist Republic, often described as the last Ancient Kolniaric nation, and brought about the Sprinske Empire and Imperial Republic of Donkrea.

    The Sprinske Revolution also had a lasting impact on Kolniaric culture, it is commonly portrayed in media such as comics and music, and was the subject of a film commissioned by the Sprinske Government in 2021 called REVOLT, which was cancelled due to the Sprinske Civil War


    On 27 October 2020, the Sprinske Communist Republic’s army defeated the rebels and ended the Banana Uprising. King Zachary’s brother, Prince Gregor, attempted to overthrow him and have himself crowned king. Gregor and his supporters defeated the disorganised Sprinske Armed Forces just outside of Red Colosseum, and King Zachary was hit in the face with a banana during the fighting, hence the name of the rebellion. Gregor and his supporters then stormed the palace, and he was declared as King Gregor I, but shortly after, the army surrounded the palace, trapping Gregor and his supporters inside, where they were forced to surrender. They tried to flee and regroup, but were quickly captured, Zachary had his soldiers retrieve the banana, then he shoved it down Gregor’s throat as a show of strength, Gregor was saved by a nearby adult who intervened to stop what the SCR called an 'execution.'[1] The Banana Uprising failed, but it largely destabilised the Sprinske Communist Republic, and the instability paved the way for the Sprinske Revolution a few days later.


    On 30 October 2020, the nation was having a Halloween party, since the next day was a Saturday and everyone was having a day off. The Prime Minister Aaron was dressed as Del Boy Trotter from Only Fools and Horses, and was selling plastic cutlery and fake gold chains made from Christmas tree beads to go with the character. King Zachary ordered the army to arrest him, as any 'capitalist actions' were considered illegal under the nation’s communist laws. Aaron and his supporters immediately rallied and marched into the capital city, Corneria, where he resigned, and started the Sprinske Revolution.

    1. The Sprinske Communist Republic had the death penalty in theory, but in practice only mock executions were performed, except for in the Banana Uprising, where they did attempt to perform a real execution on Prince Gregor by suffocating him by shoving a banana down his throat, but a nearby adult intervened to save him.