Military dictatorship

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Types of government

A military dictatorship is a system of government in which the State is synonymous with the military, usually due to the Chief of Staff serving as the head of state or otherwise the most powerful figure in the government. A common variation of a military dictatorship is a military junta, where a number of renowned Generals or other senior military figures rule as a Committee. Such a junta may function as a legislative and executive body, as an executive body or purely as the cabinet of ministers for the Dictator.


In almost every instance a military dictatorship replies completely on its armed power to keep the population in lieu and prevent political opposition to the State. Unlike many dictatorships, the military leader or leaders who rule the nation are not guaranteed absolute power - they are almost always subject to the will of the military as a collective institution. Myanmar is a well known example of a military junta whilst the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is an example of a State where the military effectively rules but remains subject to the authority of the Dictator and the ruling Party.

In micronationalism

Micronationally, military dictatorships are almost completely unheard of except during ad interim governments. A notable exception was the Midget Empire, which (although sometimes envisioned as, and sharing certain characteristics with, an absolute monarchy) was a de facto stratocracy throughout its four year existence.