First Kolniaric War

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Kolniaric War
Part of Year of Distress
Map of Kolniaric War.png
Date7 December 2022—12 January 2023

Supported by

Free City of Rubidea

Union of the Free

3rd Kingdom of Scotland


TDC Rudut




Supported by

Commanders and leaders
  • Sprinske Empire Emperor Aaron I
  • Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba Niall I
  • Duchy of Seitnam Prime Minister Callum Davidson
  • Duchy of Seitnam Duke Michael I
  • Republic of Pekatan Master Olivier
  • Mafia Republic President Matteo Catania
  • Intercontinental Republic of the Americas Saul
  • Republic of Valentia Riqueza and Grandeza Jake
  • Principality of Ikerlàndia Iker I
  • Zachary Stewart Duke Anthony Scott

    General Samuel Fitch

    The First Kolniaric War, known in Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba as the Second Great Christmas War was a major conflict within the Kolniari Sector between the nations of the Kolniaric Union and the Union of the Free. The war was declared on 7 December 2022 after a troublesome period known as the Kolniari Cold War, itself following the Seitnamic War, and ended on 12 January 2023 following the abdication of Aaron I. The peace after the war did not last however, as it was almost instantly followed by the Second Kolniaric War on 16 January 2023.


    7 December

    The Kolniaric War was declared on 7 December after days of deteriorating relations between the Sprinske Empire and Union of the Free which regularly involved the BCMA helping to keep the nations at peace. The war was declared by the Sprinske Empire and Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba after a major argument in the Kolniaric Union’s discord server. The war immediately became an issue of the BCMA, who held two separate emergency assemblies on the issue, the first one had only the Union of the Free in attendance, and resulted in the members taking a neutral stance on the issue, and Derovia suggesting the Kolniaric Union form something similar to the Geneva Convention after President Zachary Stewart threatened physical violence. In the later assembly, Emperor Aaron I of Sprinske was involved, which resulted in a major argument between President Zachary Stewart and Emperor Aaron I until Derovia managed to get the assembly under control. In direct messages, the fight continued with Aaron I’s mother sending a message warning President Zachary Stewart to stay away from him, but he responded with an angry message in all caps. This then resulted in Sprinske trying to get an exception to the treaty of the sea to vote on the Union’s membership, but the Union of the Free instead sent a message to the Prime Member and withdrew.

    Assault on New Arkhangelsk

    On 8 December 2022, the Sprinske Empire, Duchy of Seitnam, Mafia Republic and Republic of Pekatan launched an assault on the Union of the Free’s city of New Arkhangelsk. The Union of the Free did not send any forces to defend the city, allowing the Kolniaric Union nations to take the city with ease, however the weather did make things a bit more difficult. This was not considered a battle because the Union did not defend the city.

    The Union of the Free’s leadership found out about the takeover of New Arkhangelsk and responded with the statement:

    So far I have received heart wrenching news that New Arkhangelsk, the New Arkhangelsk range and the New Arkhangelsk prison has fallen in the hands of the enemy. The international community has been informed of baised news against us and in favour of the Sprinske Empire. The international community has been embargoing our nation and supporting Aaron I of Sprinske, but even with this disheartening situation we shall not faulter, we will keep on fighting for independence and freedom until this nation falls, and even then we will keep on fighting for independence, freedom and our great nations revival. VIVA LA CALEDONIA!

    "We have nothing to loose but our chains."

    - Karl Marx, the father of Communism

    Fall of the Greater Red Ash Area

    On 9 December, the Union once again did not turn up to defend their territory, and this allowed the Kolniaric Union to continue their invasion with no resistance. The alliance stormed the Greater Red Ash Area and captured it with no resistance, soon taking the nearby city of Samuelgrad. The Kolniaric Union now have control over North Kolniari, and a response from the Union is expected in the hours that follow.

    Treaty of New Arkhangelsk

    The treaty of New Arkhangelsk ended the war momentarily until Lihohia redeclared war on the 23/12/2022, the treaty in summary stated that Free Scotland was to become a Federal Republic and change its name accordingly, New Arkhangelsk was to be handed over to the Sprinske Empire and the Duchy of Seitnam, Some territories in the north of Mandela City will be handed over to Free Scotland and renamed the province of Cèilidh.

    The official Treaty of New Arkhangelsk.

    Continuation of the war

    On the 22nd of December the Duchy of Seitnam claimed to the Union or Free Scotland that the Sprinske Empire was planning an invasion. The 3rd kingdom of Free Scotland put in place a new defensive doctrine and started mobilising the army. They were later contacted by Nail I of the Socialist Republic of Lihohia stating the following:

    Your not staying much longer

    We have enough stuff to end you and your reputation

    You better calm tensions fast

    Or else

    The Emperor of the 3rd Kingdom of Free Scotland was confused by these statements as it was allegedly the Sprinske Empire and it’s allies that were planning an invasion, he responded with:

    You guys cancel your invasion of my country then, I don’t really care about my reputation as my allies and my country will believe them as lies. All I’m doing is just planning a defence of my own territory as I have received information about an invasion of my territory by the Sprinske Empire. I am the innocent one in this situation.

    Empty threats don’t work on me.

    The rest of the conversation was Niall I and Zachary I trying to intimidate and arguing with each other. In the end it lead to the Socialist Republic of Lihohia declaring war on the 3rd Kingdom of Free Scotland.

    Despite the Union repeatedly claiming that the Sprinske Empire was involved, there was no such declaration of war from that nation, and it is officially uninvolved with the war.