Second Kolniaric War

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Second Kolniaric War
Date16 January 2023 - 2 February 2023
Result Ongoing
  •  Sprinske Republic
  •  Republic of Donkrea
  • First Dalrigian flag.jpg Republic of Dalrigia
  •  Republic of Valentia Riqueza and Grandeza
  •  Republic of New Riga
  • Rubidea.png Free City of Rubidea
  •  The Iron Republic
  •  Mafia Republic
  •  Republic of Pekatan
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Union of the Free Zachary Stewart
  • Sprinske Republic Kaiser Aaron I
    Republic of Valentia Riqueza and Grandeza Jake
    Iron Republic Green
    Rubidea.png Junior
    Aaron I entering New Riga on 17 January 2022.

    The Second Kolniaric War was a conflict between the Sprinske Republic and it’s allies against the Federal Republic of Free Scotland. It came after ‘Emperor Blair I’ of Sprinske was revealed to be an alt of Zachary Stewart on Discord and he was planning to recreate the Sprinske Communist Republic. The war began on 16 January 2023 and was much bigger than the first Kolniaric War.


    The war was declared on 16 January 2023 after Zachary Stewart’s alternate account on discord became Emperor of Sprinske. He then made an ‘alliance’ with Zachary, but on 15 January 2023, a vote was held for which government system would be used for the Republic of Donkrea’s revival, and Zachary voted for communism along with his supporters. That led to him declaring the return of the Sprinske Communist Republic, and that caused Emperor Emeritus Aaron I of Sprinske to declare independence for the Sprinske Republic. He declared himself as Kaiser of Sprinske so that he could challenge the ‘emperor’ and his authority by proclaiming himself as the legitimate monarch of Sprinske.

    Invasion of New Riga and Donkrea

    On 16 January 2023, the Union of the Free invaded the Republic of Donkrea and the neutral country, the Republic of New Riga, the invasion of course brought the neutral country into the war. The invasion of the New Riga was met with negative responses from other nations and the Kolniaric Union declared that the invasion violated the invasion violated the New Fiorentina Agreement and under Kolniaric law, would be considered as a war crime. This invasion led to the Mafia Republic, Republic of Pekatan and ValeVRG declaring war, and the Shedhill Brigade of the Sprinske Republic’s army being put on high alert.

    New Riga Liberation

    The Sprinske Republic attacked occupied New Riga and Donkrea at around 15:00 on 17 January 2023. Kaiser Aaron I marched into New Riga which was undefended, and liberated the nation. He then also marched into Donkrea and took the land back, declaring the Republic of Donkrea independent again. Later that day, the Kolniaric Union Court unanimously concluded that Zachary Stewart was guilty of war crimes under Kolniaric law due to his invasion of New Riga.

    Dissolution of Free Scotland

    On 2 February 2023, Zachary Stewart announced that he was going to resign, he also dissolved Free Scotland and founded the ‘Organised League of Stewartists,’ an organisation with the aim of achieving Scottish independence under the Stewartist ideology. The organisation has also stated that it may use violence if need be, which has led to it being classified as a terrorist organisation by some Kolniaric nations. With the dissolution of Free Scotland, the Sprinske Republic and its allies declared victory and the end of the Second Kolniaric War on the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory at Stalingrad.