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The Free Republic of Skarstan is a micronation that gained independence from the Grand Kolniaric Republic on March 1st 2023.


Skarstan gained independence from the Grand Kolniaric Republic on March 1st 2023, it claims to be the descendant state of the Republic of Bedroomia, which was established on July 26 2020, and presumably dissolved by the 29th. This made it very short lived however it was clear President Niall felt passion for micronations. Eventually leading to its Declaration of Independence 3 years later.


Skarstan is a benevolent dictatorship meaning that it is good to its people despite having a dictator, which is usually frowned upon as evil and dangerous.


Skarstani culture is very Gaelic and Celtic, thanks to its population being majority Irish-Scottish. Its official languages are Scots, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, English, and quite curiously Skarmori.


Skarmori is a language being created by the dictator. Its name comes from Skarstan and Armora, one of its predecessor states.


New Years Day: January 1

Opposite Day: January 25

April Fools Day: April 1

Day of Summer: May 15

Republic Day: July 26

Michaelmas: September 29

Samhain: October 31

Battle Week: December 19-26

Christmas Eve: December 24

Christmas Day: December 25

Victory Day: December 26

New Years Eve: December 31