Varland Republic

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Varland Republic
(укр. Республіка Варленд)

Flag of Varland

Coat of Arms of Varland
Coat of arms
Motto: "Free island for free people"
National Anthem of Varland Republic
National Anthem of Varland Republic
Varland Republic on the Earth
and largest city
Varland City
Official languagesUkrainian
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
Vladyslav Karpelov
LegislaturePresident of Varland
Establishment30 September 2021
• Total
0.22 km2 (0.085 sq mi)
• Census
8 people (24/02/2022)
Time zoneUTC+3 (UTC +2)

Varland Republic — it is a country with a population of 8 people (02/24/2022) and is considered a unitary state. The capital - Varland City, which is located in the Varland Forest (Kyiv region, Ukraine).

The Republic of Varland was founded on September 30, 2021. Varland claims Burke Island and considers it part of its territory. The island has its own history, unlike many other islands in Antarctica. Burke Island is an ice-covered island about 30 km (16 nautical miles) long and 11 km (6 nautical miles) wide, located 69 km (37 nautical miles) southwest of Waite Point, King Peninsula, in the Amundsen Sea.

The republic also has territories on the mainland. Varland lays claim to the Varland Forest, which is located on the territory of Ukraine. There is the capital of the republic - Varland City. Most citizens are Ukraine-speaking, but any person can become a citizen of Varland, regardless of language, culture, religion.

Map of Varland Republic

The goal is to become a real, recognized state that really cares about its citizens, provides for them, and performs the functions of real world powers. The government believes that the state should cooperate with people as much as possible so that every citizen feels needed. The people in the Republic of Varland elect a president, who has influence over every ministry, effectively turning the state into an elected autocracy.


The name Republic of Varland combines the words War (eng. War), and land (eng. Land).

The name also came from the surname of the founder and first president «Varga» (ukr. Варга) and land (eng. Land)

Administrative division

The Republic of Varland is a unitary state. Despite this, the country is divided into regions. At the moment, it has 5 districts and one zone, namely:

Administrative map of Varland Republic

Northern, Central, Eastern, Lakeside, Southern districts and Railway zone. Each area has its own code on license plates, in addition, every citizen has the right to choose any area for life.

The capital of the state is located in the Central district of the country, and called Varland City.


The history of the Republic of Varland began on September 30, 2021 in the Ukrainian village of Chubinske (which is 9 km from Kyiv). Then at a meeting of two citizens, Fedor Varga and Miroslav Denysov, it was decided to create a state in Antarctica, far from their home and world events.


Fedor Varga, as the founder of the state, was declared president, and was in this post until January 2022. At the moment (02.24.2022) he holds the position of the Minister of Defense of the country, de facto being the vice president of the state, and an adviser to the incumbent president.

Myroslav Denysov was appointed to the post of Minister of Economy. While in this position, he tried to put into circulation the national currency, called the "Varland Dollar". But the idea did not find support in society, and the idea was rejected in favor of using the Ukrainian hryvnia (₴). At the moment (24.02.2022) he holds the position of Minister of Industrial Development (de facto Minister of Economy, since this title was given to this position after the reform).

10/04/2021, citizenship was granted to one of the iconic people for the country, Vladyslav Karpelov. After obtaining citizenship, he was appointed to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Being a close friend of the first president of the republic Varga Fedor, he was engaged in writing such important documents for the state as the Constitution of the Republic of Varland (adopted on 11/05/2021), GUAP of the Republic of Varland (a collection of laws of the state, which includes civil, criminal, administrative and state legal codes). At the moment he is the President of the State (since 01/28/2022).

On December 10, 2021, Anton Kravchuk joined the list of citizens of the Republic of Varland. He was appointed to the post of Minister of Defense (12/11/2021 - 02/07/2022), and later by presidential decree (dated 02/07/2022) he was appointed to the post of Minister of Internal Affairs.

On December 16, 2021, Kirill Lavrenko received citizenship of the country. He was closest to the mainland territory of the Republic of Varland, had good skills and was loyal to the state regime. He was appointed to the position of Head of Counterintelligence, whose activities are strictly classified. He holds this post to this day.

Over the next two months, the number of citizens doubled, and reached 6 people. The list of citizens was joined by such people as Stanislav Kalinichenko, Vadim Shmagala and Yegor Muzyka. Two of them took part in the meeting of the citizens of the Republic of Varland, which took place on 01/23/2022, where the issue of claims to the territory of the forest, which is currently called the "Varland Forest", was discussed. Later, Vadym Shmagala voluntarily renounced citizenship, because of his political and life views, which were contrary to the mood of the inhabitants.

Claims to the territory of the forest were made on 01/24/2022 and the militia, consisting of four citizens of the Republic of Varland, entered the territory of the forest, thereby officially annexing it to the state. After some time, the capital of the state was moved there, and various meetings and other events have been and are being held there.


Martial law, winter 2022

The Republic of Varland began active militarization from the very beginning. Claims were made to territory in the aforementioned "Varland Forest". After joining the territory of the forest, active training of the regular army began. 01/16/2022 new missile systems SRSR "Penguin" (Short-Range Subsonic Rocket) are being tested.

It was during this period of the country's history that it was at the peak of its military strength (the number of weapons consisted of about 20 short-range rockets, 10 medium-range missiles and more than 40 various explosive devices), but after the introduction of martial law in the country on 02/25/2022 (actually 02/24/2022) , all information about weapons was classified for an indefinite period.

First election

Election poster, winter 2022

On January 28, 2021, the first elections in the history of the state were held. Two candidates were nominated for them. The first president Varga Fedor refused to take part in the elections, and was looking for himself in another area. The first candidate was Vladyslav Karpelov, who represented the side of the authoritarian democracy (actually elected autocracy), and Anton Kravchuk, who represented the monarchist bloc, whose plans included the creation of the Kingdom of Varland.

The winner in the elections was Vladyslav Karpelov, who won 80% of the votes of citizens. This data was taken from exit polls (citizen polls) because the presidential election could not be held due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the region.

The consequences of the elections were among the most unexpected for the country. Anton Kravchuk, who was an opponent, was appointed to the post of Minister of Internal Affairs, while remaining in the post of Minister of Defense for a long time, even after being defeated in the elections, honestly fulfilling tasks and serving the state.

Reforms and development of the state in the pre-war period

After the victory of Vladyslav Karpelov in the presidential elections, a period of reform of various industries, ministries, and legislation began in the country. The development of the media sphere in Varland began (which played a big role in the Russian-Ukrainian war).

The website of the state was finalized, translated into Ukrainian and English. A national radio station was created, where the news of the republic and the world was constantly broadcast.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and its consequences for Varland

Pre-war events

For the citizens of the Republic of Varland, the invasion of Russian Federation in Ukraine was not a big surprise. Only neither the intelligence of Varland nor the intelligence of Ukraine expected an attack from Republic of Belarus.

On February 22, 2022, the current president made a post of the following nature in the Discord channel “News”:

Due to recent events, namely the recognition of the self-proclaimed republics of the «DPR» and «LPR» by Russian Federation, and the actual withdrawal of Russia from the Minsk agreements, the Republic of Varland will impose sanctions against the Russian Federation and all the microstates that support its policy 02/23/2022, an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was held, convened at the request of the Minister of Defense Fedor Varga. It discussed the plan of action in the event of an invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine. By 8:00 a.m. Kyiv time, The Voice of Republic newspaper comes out with reference to the words of Defense Minister Fedor Varga with the following content: Due to the very rapid escalation of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, we sent diplomatic support to Ukraine, and introduced a package of sanctions which will be described below. Also, on behalf of the government, a letter was sent to the UN with a call to resolve the conflict 23.02.2022 at 22:45 Kyiv time, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Varland makes a post where he asks all residents of the country to collect "emergency backpacks", in case if you have to go down to the bomb shelter.

First hours of the war

24.02.2022 at 4:00 a.m. Kyiv time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the so-called "special operation on the denazification and demilitarisation of Ukraine", and in fact began a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

At 6:30, the President of the Republic of Varland makes the first statement since the beginning of the war.After the attack on Ukrainian cities, Odessa and Kharkiv, the Republic of Varland declares full martial law! All citizens of Varland are immediately required to leave the territory of Varland and withdraw to the territory of Ukraine, where to find refuge! At 6:36 an attack was carried out on Boryspil city (namely, civil Boryspil Airport), which is 8 km from the Republic of Varland. Information appeared on the network that the Ukrainian military was working on an enemy drone.In Boryspil, Kyiv region, explosions were heard in the morning, which seriously stirred up local residents. However, Mayor Vladimir Borisenko hastened to calm the locals - there is no need to flee to shelter," the publication "Today" wrote. The explosions were so strong that they were clearly heard even in the territory of the Republic of Varland.

Road in Varland, summer 2022

Removing the information blockade

Some time later, a live broadcast of current news called “Єдині Новини” began on Ukrainian central television. (eng. United News).

The news channel of the Republic of Varland published the first map of approximately the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The invasion began almost along the entire line of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, from the Crimea, ORDLO and along the entire border with the Russian Federation. In the first hours of the war, units of the Russian Federation entered the territory of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Nova Kakhovka, the cities of Ivankov, Gostomel, Bucha, which are in the suburbs of Kyiv.

By the end of the day, 02/24/2022 at 20:01, a summary of the latest news from the President of the Republic of Varland is released. in the organization of the evacuation of the population. Donetsk region DSNS fired up and ensured the functioning of the point of assistance to the population on the basis of the central lighting school No. 5 in Krasnohorivka, for the additional diesel power station, the electric supply to the point and the boiler room was provided, as a source of heat supply for the school. On the 24th of the fierce to the point of help, 70 people turned up. From the cob of work to the point of assistance, 814 people returned. Dnipropetrovsk region Pyrotechnical investigation of the DSNS of radiation to help the emergency teams of DTEK Dniprovsk electric power lines on the shortest power lines in the district territory of the Viysk part of the metro station Marganets. Cherkasy region Palanka, yak viniklo after a shell was consumed. You are planning to come in whenever you want to extinguish the fire in the private sector and the warehouse near Uman metro station (on an area of ​​3,000 square meters). Vіd DSNS received 30 rounds and 6 rounds. technology. Kirovohrad region Bogdanivka, 22 individuals and 4 od. technology. Vinnytsia region Vіd DSNS received 40 rounds and 9 rounds. technology. In total, in the DSNS system, until the end of the day, the task of liquidating the aftermath of shelling, extinguishing the fire, and helping the affected population received 7 thousand. 300 people and 2 yew. special fire-fighting equipment.The Minister of Defense, together with the President, was engaged in the publication of relevant news at the most difficult time for the country. Thanks to these actions, the information blockade among the residents of Varland was lifted.

Spring Events

In March, Ukraine not only managed to survive, but also formed new units from volunteers and mobilized. Thanks to this, the Russian offensive in the Kyiv region was stopped. The territory of the Varland Republic was not attacked by the Russian Armed Forces, but the danger of being there was very high.

In early April, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out successful counter-offensive operations in the Kyiv region, the Russian forces were cut off from supplies, and having not achieved their goal with losses, they retreated to the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The RF Armed Forces were in the village of Velika Dimerka (Russian: Bolshaya Dymerka), and could not advance further. Thanks to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the troops of the Russian Federation did not reach the territory of the Republic of Varland for about 22 km.

Summer easing of hostilities

In summer, hostilities in the Kyiv region weakened. Rocket strikes continued, destroying the homes of Ukrainian civilians and forcing them to hide in basements and subways.

Varland City, summer 2022

The time of recovery has begun for the country. Since February, none of the citizens of the republic has visited it, but the summer made it possible for the Minister of Defense Fedor Varga and the Minister of Industrial Development Myroslav Denysov to enter the forest.

The period of the revival of the Varland Republic began. Forest areas were inspected for the presence of mines and unexploded ordnance. After a full check, the visit to the forest was allowed.

Autumn period

Invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine (in fact, into the Republic of Varland), the rise of nationalists began in the country. The coat of arms was changed, and some laws were introduced. Since the population of Varland is only Ukrainians, there were no disagreements on this matter.

In the state, such movements as “LGBTQ” (dated 11/25/2021), Pope Francis fans (due to the statements of Pope Francis) (dated 12/22/2021) were previously banned.

But after a full-scale invasion, one of the pretexts of which was the "protection of the Russian-speaking population", the use of the Russian language (which was previously the second state language) was officially banned in the Republic of Varland. They voted for its ban on 03/02/2022 at a closed meeting. And in the fall of 2022, they finally abandoned its use on the territory of the country (such a delay was caused by the need to translate all state documents into Ukrainian).

On September 30, 2022, the country successfully celebrated its Independence Day with a festive fireworks display, which was launched in Germany by the President of the Republic of Varland.

Also, on 10/05/2022, contact was established with all citizens of Warland, from which it was concluded that 25% of the citizens of Warland left the territory of Ukraine, leaving for different European countries.

From the end of October 2022, Russia began to strike at the energy system of Ukraine, which also affected the citizens of the Republic of Varland. The Republic received electricity from Ukraine, it was it that was used by trains passing through the Railway Zone. After strikes on the system and short-term outages, Ukraine and Varland were forced to switch to energy saving mode, in addition, Ukraine announced rolling blackouts in the Kyiv region, part of which (according to international law) is the Republic of Varland.

Government of Varland Republic

Government Logo of the Varland Republic
Правительство Республики Варленд

Varland is a republic founded on the principles of authoritarian democracy. The president is vested with the powers of the head of state and government, and the remaining ministers report directly to the president on affairs in the country.

State bodies of Varland

  • Government (closed council of the President and the most important officials of the country)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
  • Ministry of Defense (MD)
  • Ministry of the Interior (MI)
  • Ministry of Industrial Development (MID)
  • Counterintelligence Service of the Republic of Varland (VCS)

At the moment, the Varland government consists of 2 branches. Namely: the President and ministries. The president in Varland has fairly broad powers, namely: he appoints ministers and has the right to manually manage their activities. In fact, his power is not limited and he can participate in the decision-making of any ministry.

There is no Prime Minister in the state, all ministers directly report to the President of the country. At closed meetings, they discuss the budget, revenues, taxation, financing of the country's ministries. The rest of the information is open to the public.

National holidays

National and international holidays

The Republic of Varland celebrates some holidays. Their list is below:

  • 01.01 New Year.
  • 08.05 Day of memory and sorrow. On this day in 1945, Germany surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II in Europe.
  • 14.07 Day of Remembrance of all civilians killed in the Russian-Ukrainian war (2022)
  • 20.07 Landing day. The day the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon in 1969.
  • 24.08 On this day in 1991, Ukraine declared independence and left the USSR.
  • 30.09 Independence Day of the Republic of Varland
  • 05.11 Constitution Day of the Republic of Varland
  • 11.11 Armistice day. On this day in 1918, after more than four years of fierce fighting and millions of deaths, the Great War, or World War I, finally ended.
  • 26.12 Day of the collapse of the Soviet Union (End of the existence of the USSR)