Great Micronational Organization

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Great Micronational Organization
Logo of Great Micronational Organization
Original seatMittyzöegaad, Ikerlàndia
Official languages
TypeSupranational union
GovernmentIntergovernmental direct democracy
Iker I of Ikerlàndia and Québec
LegislatureGMO Plenary
• Creation of the GMO
19 August 2022
• Merge with the Valentia Pact
19 October 2022
• 2023 estimate
HDI (2022)0.839
very high
CurrencyGMO Doubloon (GMD)

The Great Micronational Organization (Portuguese: Grande Organização Micronacional • Spanish: Gran Organización Micronacional • French: Grande Organisation Micronationale), also abbreviated as GMO, is an intermicronational organisation and supranational union whose main objective is to promote relations between secessionist (also called derivative) micronations and the development of secessionism/derivatism by formulating rules, accordances and treaties and providing micronationalists with the proper support to engage in secessionist micronationalism.

The GMO was founded in 19 August 2022 on the initiative of King Iker I of Ikerlàndia. Although formally established by the invitation of several micronations by King Iker I, declared Secretary-General for being the founder.

During its five months and a half, GMO self-identified as a regional organization and became a intermicronational organization in South America and in the Lusophone and Spanish-speaking worlds due to its relationship development, intersectoral activity, intermicronational recognition and content production, which eventually led GMO to abandon its regionality and become an organization with a global reach, with a presence in North America, Europe and South America.


State Members of the GMO
Micronation Leader Name Date Notes
 Republic of ValeVRG Jake 19 August 2022
 Federation of Ikerlàndia Iker I 19 August 2022
 Kingdom of Irennelàndia Irenne 20 August 2022
 New German Empire Chris I 29 August 2022
 Sprinske Empire Aaron 16 October 2022
 Intercontinental Republic of the Americas Saul 16 October 2022
 Kingdom of Kunasho Carter I Alton 16 October 2022
 Republic of Ruskajista Alexander 16 October 2022
Land of the Bears Jamie I 16 October 2022
 Kingdom of Visland Queen Maegan Frejya of Visland 18 October 2022
Republic of Olov Saleh H. 30 November 2022
Kingdom of Great Esteria Jayden I 30 November 2022
 Federation of Québec Iker I 06 January 2023
Saspearian Saspearian Anthony I 21 January 2023
Federal Republic of New Flag New Flag Junior 24 May 2023
Territory Members of the GMO
Territory Leader Name Date Notes
 Territory of Valentía Jake 16 October 2022
Free Republic of Mestaria Jake 30 November 2022
Territory of Baabyrööhhe Territory of Baabyrööhhe Iker 22 January 2023


State Observers of the GMO
Micronation Leader Name Date Notes
 The Iron Republic Green 16 October 2022


Flags of the Ikerlàndia Pact
Flag Date Use
19 August 2022 - 16 October 2022 National flag
16 October 2022 - now National flag
  Nations of the GMO  
All Nations

 Republic of ValeVRG  Principality of Ikerlàndia  Kingdom of Irennelàndia  New German Empire  Intercontinental Republic of the Americas  Sprinske Empire  Kingdom of Kunasho  The Iron Republic  Republic of Ruskajista Land of the Bears  Kingdom of Visland  Saspearian  Federation of Québec Republic of Olov Kingdom of Great Esteria


All Territories

Territory of Valentía Free Republic of Mestaria  Territory of Baabyrööhhe