Republic of Ikerlàndia

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Republic of Ikerlàndia
Ikerlandiyagenng Respubliká (Ikerlandian)
Flag of Republic of Ikerlàndia
Coat of arms of Republic of Ikerlàndia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Xwaat doo Ikerlandiya, sekaat paapee" (First Ikerlàndia, second the people)
Anthem: "The Beargenng öt Ikerlàndia"
Location of Ikerlàndia (Blank)
Location of Ikerlàndia (blank)
and largest city
Official languagesIkerlandian
Recognized languagesCatalan, Spanish, Ukrainian
Recognised regional languagesMittyzöegaadian and Daagian
GovernmentFederal republic under a capitalist system
• President
• Vice President
• Prime Minister
• President of the Parliament of Ikerlàndia
LegislatureParliament of Ikerlàndia
Congress of Deputies
Establishment23 February 2023
• Total
1.3 km2 (0.50 sq mi)
• Estimate
CGSC (2023) 4.0
very high · 29
CurrencyIkerlandian Daagdeeg (ID)
Time zoneIkerlandian Standard Time (IST)
AntipodesKingdom of Irennelàndia
Drives on theright
Calling code+362
Internet TLD.ik (de jure)

Ikerlàndia, officially the Republic of Ikerlàndia (Ikerlandian: Ikerlàndiagenng Respubliká), is a sovereign state operating within a self-proclamed extraterritorial territory located in Europe. It is classified as a micronation by most external observers. The nation declared its independence on 1 May 2022. The official language of Ikerlàndia is Ikerlandés, is the first nation to adopt the language as its official language. Despite Ikerlandés being the official language of Ikerlàndia, Catalan and Spanish are more commonly used and spoken. The two languages are also recognized as national languages. The Republic is a constitutional republic where the sovereign personally exercises power in concert with other institutions. Ikerlàndia is a member state of some intermicronational organisations such as the Pacific Association of Micronations, Valentia Pact, GMO, Mittyzöegaad-Peperonus Sector and the Organization of Latin Micronations. Ikerlàndia is part of the Micronational Confederation of the Americas.


Emperor Iker called his micronation "Ikerlàndia" because he had the idea of ​​merging "Iker" (his name), with "Làndia", and thus the name Ikerlàndia was created. But before the micronation was called Moniker.


Historical affiliations

Early development


On 23 February 2023, it was established that the form of government would be a Republic of republics, switching from the original First Empire of Ikerlàndia with Iker has the internal President of Ikerlàndia.

The establishment

Following the independence of Ikerlàndia, facing the challenges of establishing a functioning state, a Sovereign Ordinance giving temporary absolute power to the President was promulgated on 23 February 2023. This ordinance allowed the passing of laws, with the absence of an elected Parliament, concerning mostly cultural elements such as the national symbols or the public holidays and most notably the Law on the provisions against discrimination which is considered to be the main legislative piece on LGBT rights.

War of Ikerlàndia

On 16 August 2022, South Ikerlàndia made a rebellion against Ikerlàndia and they tried to made a independent anarchist nation. Ikerlàndia entered a state of emergency. On the 17th South Ikerlàndia surrender, leaving only few rebels who were defeated on the 18th of August 2022 unifying Ikerlàndia.

Presidential Elections October 2022

Presidential Elections
Candidates Electoral votes
Aitor 364
Irene 305
Aisha 202
Rafael 190
Congressional Elections
Political Parties Seats won
Social Democrats 12
Nationalists 8
Republicans 6
Greens 4
Aitor Marín's presidency

On 7 October 2022, Aitor Marín was appointed as the first President of Ikerlàndia. His mandate was to help the continued development of the Principality, most notably the recruitment of ministers and other civil servants.

Micronational Confederation of the Americas

The Micronational Confederation of the Americas is a Confederation created by ValeVRG and Intercontinental Republic of the Americas. The capital city is Peperonus. It was founded on 9 October 2022 by Jake and Saul. ValeVRG invited Kunasho, but Kunasho refused, also invited the New German Empire, is waiting for a response, Ikerlàndia accepted.

Catalonia Liberated Territories

The Catalonia Liberated Territories is a micronation that consists of a collection of territory in Catalonia, which was claimed for the Principality of Ikerlàndia on 12 October 2022, on issuement of the Declaration of the Catalan Freedom, a formal letter that was sent to the Catalonia Community. The Dominion holds 5 states, each including different administration policies.

  • State of Andorra la Vella
  • State of Lleida
  • State of Deltebre
  • State of Girona
  • State of Sabadell

Ikerlando-Spanish War

The Ikerlando-Spanish War was a war between Principality of Ikerlàndia and Spain. It was started by Principality of Ikerlàndia in September 2022 following the Catalan Protests of 2017.

Presidential Elections December 2022

First Round
Candidates % of votes
Jake 57.14%
Max 21.43%
Alex 14.29%
Aaron 7.14%
Final Round
Candidates % of votes
Max 56.25%
Jake 43.75%
Max's presidency

On 1 November 2022, Max was appointed as the second President of Ikerlàndia. His mandate was to help the continued development of the Principality, most notably the recruitment of ministers and other civil servants.

Ikerlandian Revolution

The Ikerlandian Revolution was an anti-principality uprising in the Principality of Ikerlàndia that lasted from 29 October 2022 to 1 November 2022. The revolution came in the immediate aftermath of the Ikerlandian Uprising, created by people who claim to be patriotic ikerlandians and who are not, followed by the resignation of the President.

The revolution ended with the leaders of the revolution imprisoned. Ikerlàndia remained an independent country.

Korean Liberated Territories

The Korean Liberated Territories is a micronation that consists of a collection of territory in Korea, which was claimed for the Principality of Ikerlàndia on 12 October 2022, on issuement of the Declaration of the Korean Freedom, a formal letter that was sent to the Catalonia Community. The Dominion holds 5 states, each including different administration policies.

Principal Commonwealth of Ikerlàndia

The Principal Commonwealth of Ikerlàndia was created by Sovereign Decree CV on 25 September 2022 and is both a Sovereign State with a defined Head of State, Governance Structure, and a Commonwealth organization created to improve the development and function of its Commonwealth States.

The King of Ikerlàndia serves as Head of State for Commonwealth States, with the former Head of State becoming 'Head of Commonwealth State' and such maintains their original title be it presidential or republican. Commonwealth States can declare independence at any time.

  • Commonwealth States maintain their original structure and Constitution - necessary changes to reflect new Head of State and Head of Commonwealth State will of course need to be made.

The Principal Commonwealth of Ikerlàndia is governed by Sovereign Decree CV - On Commonwealth of Ikerlàndia and should not be considered a Successor State to the Principality of Ikerlàndia, but instead should be considered an extension of the Principality.

Presidential Elections February 2023

Final Round
Candidates % of votes
Aaron 80%
Elias 20%
Carter David 0%
Aaron's presidency

On 14 February 2023, Aaron was appointed as the third President of Ikerlàndia. His mandate was to help the continued development of the Principality, most notably the recruitment of ministers and other civil servants.

IkerPass Application

Logo of the new obligatory platform for work in Ikerlàndia. "IkerPass"

As of March 30, 2023, the mandatory need to have a personal IkerPass to be able to work and/or study in Ikerlàndia became official. It will also be mandatory to leave the country.

Workers Elections April 2023

Logo of the winner of the Workers Elections of April 2023, the General Union of Workers.

On April 6, 2023, the second edition of the Workers' Elections was held, which allows ikerlandian workers to choose their representative.

First Round
Candidates % of votes
Workers Commissions of Ikerlàndia (WCI) 20%
General Union of Workers (GUW) 20%
General Confederation of Labor (GCL) 20%
Ikerlandian Workers Union (IWU) 20%
Union of Workers (UW) 15%
Independent Workers Union (IWU) 5%
Mittyzöegaad Workers' Union (MSB-MWU) 5%
Final Round
Candidates % of votes
General Union of Workers (GUW) 50%
Workers Commissions of Ikerlàndia (WCI) 20%
Ikerlandian Workers Union (IWU) 20%
General Confederation of Labor (GCL) 10%
Results by states and territories of Ikerlàndia
State or Territory Winning Political Party % of Votes per Winning Party
Mittyzöegaad General Union of Workers 51%
Roddyzööe General Union of Workers 56%
Daagga General Union of Workers 52%
Baab General Union of Workers 52%
Baabyrööhhe General Union of Workers 58%
Daagdeeg General Union of Workers 54%
Waatmaat Ikerlandian Workers Union 65%
Daag-Mee-Poot Ikerlandian Workers Union 62%
New Kyyvkyy Workers Commissions of Ikerlàndia 53%
South Baabylla Workers Commissions of Ikerlàndia 55%
Catalonia Liberated Territories General Confederation of Labor 58%
Korean Liberated Territories General Confederation of Labor 70%

Change of government

King Iker declared a federal republic on July 14, 2023.

Ikerlando-Marinlandian War

The Ikerlando-Marinlandian War was a war between Ikerlàndia and Marinlandia (Raekilandia supports Marinlandia but has not gotten deeply into the matter, the Republic of the Roureda supports the Ikerlandians). It was started by the Republic of Ikerlàndia in October 2023 following the declaration of war of Raekilandia of 2022, allied country of Marinlandia, and the Marinlandian-Raekilandian Protests against President Iker of 2023. Before, in 2022, there were also tensions between Ikerlàndia and Raekilandia and Marinlandia that caused a 15-day war, but the interlocutor on behalf of the Republic of the Roureda made a "ceasefire".

Rodriguism (and his victory in the October 2023 legislative elections)

Rodriguism was created by Iker I, who was running in the legislative elections, and won them. This ideology defends (in its manifesto) an Ikerlàndia for the Ikerlandians, etc...

Legislative elections, October 2023
Political parties Votes and % of votes Seats
Ikerlandiya Rooz! (now NRP) 2 (100%) 32
Other 0 (0%) 0



Ikerlàndia is a federal republic of nineteen states. Ikerlàndia's constitution states that Ikerlàndia is a "federal republic under a capitalist system". The Ikerlandian government has been variously described as capitalist, but also as a democrat.

The federal government comprises three branches:

  • Legislative: The bicameral Parliament, made up of representatives of the administrative divisions, makes federal law, approves treaties and can impeach government members with approval of the President.
  • Executive: The president is the commander-in-chief of the military, can veto legislative bills before they become law (subject to congressional override), and de facto appoints the judges to serve in the Supreme Court.
  • Judicial: The Supreme Court, whose judges are appointed by the president or the Congress of Deputies, interpret laws and overturn those they find unconstitutional and anti-Ikerlandian.

The Congress of Deputies has thirty-two voting members, each representing a state. Congress of Deputies seats belong to the representatives of each state which are de jure elected by the estatal citizens however they are usually de facto gain a seat when de facto appointed as a administrator of a state by the president. Each state recives around one seat unless the population of the province is over 1.

The Supreme Court, led by the chief justice of Ikerlàndia, has eight members, who serve for life usually until death or retirement.

Law and judicial system

The Constitution of Ikerlàndia, which stands as the supreme law of the Republic, sets the framework for Ikerlàndia's judicial system. The highest court of law in Ikerlàndia is the Supreme Court, which also serves as the Republic's constitutional court. Members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President on the President's advice, and must be confirmed by Parliament.

In addition to the Supreme Court, the Republic is divided into "judicial districts" (same as Sabia and Verona), which serve as jurisdiction for District Courts the basic judicial unit of Ikerlàndia. Between the District Courts and the Supreme Court stand the Courts of Appeal.


The Ikerlandian military has been organized into a single branch, the Armed Forces (Addat Footwa), which in turn is divided into four sub-branches. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is HM Iker I as President of Ikerlàndia, while the minister responsible for overseeing the Armed Forces's activities is the Secretary of Defense (presently Soodygoov öt Deefeet). The Armed Forces is present in both the Northern and Southern territories, and there are military bases in Mittyzöegaad, Roddyzööe and Bai, as well as minor outposts in Daagdeeg and Waatmaat. The soldiers are forced to be 100% Ikerlandian patriots, otherwise they are arrested and accused of "betrayal of the Ikerlandian people."

Foreign relations

Ikerlàndia adheres to the declarative theory of statehood, every states that have a defined territory, a permanent population, a government and the capacity to enter in relation with other micronational states is de facto recognized by Ikerlàndia. However, de jure recognition is not given out to States which have views aligned with the far-right. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a list of states which received official mutual recognition from Ikerlàndia.

Political parties

There are three political parties in the nation with seats in the Congress of Deputies. The Democratic Party of Ikerlàndia (INB), a predominantly left-wing nationalist party, with the majority of seats in the Congress of Deputies. The Conservative Party of Ikerlàndia (CPI), a centre-right party focused on the ideological values of Conservatism with five seats in the Parliament. And the Communist Party of Ikerlàndia (CPIK), far-left party focused on the ideological values of Communism with one seat in the Parliament.

Name Party Leader Candidate Spectrum Ideologies Congress of

Deputies of


Ikerlandiya Rooz Iker I Waatmaat Baabylla Left wing Democracy
14 / 32
Ikerlandian Nationalist Bloc Waatmaat Braddy Uraeens Waadda Left wing Democracy
8 / 32
Conservative Party Aisha Camara Aisha Camara Centre-right Democracy
6 / 32
Workers' Front - For Workers' Unity! Alexander Mai Alexander Mai Far-left Democracy
4 / 32


Ikerlàndia is located in Europe and is completely surrounded by Spain, and entirely within the province of Barcelona. It is located near the Can Oriach district and neighbours the city of Sabadell.

It is geographically located in the city of Sabadell.


The Principality considers the place from where it operates to be an extraterritorial territory from which it exercises its sovereignty. There has been no official recognition of its extraterritoriality status.

Administrative divisions

Map of the Republic of Ikerlàndia

The administrative regions of Ikerlàndia are assigned an code IKE 032.

Federal states

Name Code Joined the Kingdom Pop. Area (m2) Official language(s) Presidents
Mittyzöegaad MT 30 December 2019 12 474.930 Ikerlandian, Spanish President Iker (NRP)
Daawwa DW 22 July 2023 8 468.655 Spanish, Ikerlandian President Iker (NRP)
Doggat Rurannán DR 16 April 2023 5 451.655 Ikerlandian, Spanish President Iker (NRP)
Igá Ganomellá IG 20 October 2023 5 432.392 Ikerlandian, Spanish City council (UP)
Baabyrööhhe BR 29 January 2019 4 400.638 Spanish City council (UP)
Baab BB 30 December 2019 4 382.000 Ikerlandian, Spanish City council (IP)
Roddyzööe RO 30 December 2019 3 382.902 Ikerlandian, Spanish City council (INB)
Kreenny KR 1 February 2023 2 367.000 Ikerlandian, Spanish City council (NRP)
New Kyyvkyy NK 21 January 2023 2 344.000 Ikerlandian, Ukrainian City council (NRP)
Daag-Mee-Poot DMP 2 January 2019 1 121.405 Spanish City council (FDI)
Jaajö JA 28 April 2023 1 103.020 Ikerlandian, Spanish City council (NRP)
Catalonia Liberated Territories CA 12 October 2022 4 102.114 Ikerlandian, Catalan City council (NRP)
Spritsnasque SP 27 April 2023 1 102.010 Ikerlandian, Donkrean Vice President Aaron (UP)
Korean Liberated Territories KO 12 October 2022 3 100.210 Ikerlandian, Korean Duchess Irene (PSDI)
Daagdeeg DD 20 August 2020 1 69.201 Spanish City council (NRP)
Daagga DA 30 August 2022 1 64.302 Spanish Vice President Aaron (UP)
Waatmaat WM 2 February 2023 1 66.000 Spanish Prime Minister Jake (PSDI)
South Baabylla SB 21 August 2020 3 32.910 Spanish, Ikerlandian Government rule (PSDI)
New Mittyzöegaad NM 17 September 2022 4 15.984 Spanish, Ikerlandian Aisha Camara (PSDI)


Mittyzöegaad (Ikerlàndia)
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm
Source: Climate Ikerlàndia

Ikerlàndia's climate is exactly the same as the southern part of Mittyzöegaad. It is classified as a warm-summer humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb)

The government of Ikerlàndia takes its climate data from Ikerlandian official sources for the region of Mittyzöegaad.


Ikerlàndia does not have a sustainable economy. The Republic is entirely dependant on the personal fortune of the House of Rodríguez. According to the Constitution, the Sovereign Family must be paid first on the national budget before any other expenses are made, which, for the moment means that the entirety of the state's revenues go directly to the Sovereign Family. Also, Ikerlàndia has a good economy because the exported product is figurine to ValeVRG.


Ikerlàndia has a 15% value-added tax (VAT) on most goods and services. Prices are normally presented with the included VAT. There is no income tax on citizens.


The official currency of Ikerlàndia is the Ikerlandian Daagdeeg.

Because of the close proximity of Ikerlàndia with Europe, the Euro are both accepted for affairs in Ikerlàndia.


Ikerlàndia Post is responsible for the emission of postage stamps in the Principality of Ikerlàndia and plays an important part in the economy and diplomatic affairs of the nation. The sale of stamps represent one of the main source of income for the Principality. Although the Principality has its own postage administration, it relies on Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, S.A. for the mailing of letters and packages.


Tourism in Ikerlàndia is organized by Ikerlàndia Tooriusmeng and by the Department of Tourism and Travel. To enter Ikerlàndia you need a visa or a passport but only users from micro-states or macro-states recognized by Ikerlàndia are accepted.



Ikerlandians by status:

  • Ikerlandian nationals (77.78%)
  • Ikerlandian residents (23.22%)

Ikerlàndia's population was 52 in 2022. At the beginning of 2022, the Principality made official and publicized its naturalization process and citizenship program.

Citizens of Ikerlàndia are called ikerlandians.

Ikerlandians by status

  Ikerlandian nationals (77.78%)
  Ikerlandian residents (23.22%)


The Republic of Ikerlàndia classifies its citizens into two categories: nationals and residents. Ikerlandian nationality is mutually exclusive with that of other nations and the acquisition of the nationality from another nation will result in the loss of Ikerlandian citizenship. An exception is made for individuals which may not renunciate their nationality. Residency is open to everyone but there are some limitations to the accession of political functions within Ikerlàndia. The acquisition and reacquisition of nationality is the prerogative of the King.


The diverse culture of Ikerlàndia has been influenced by elements of many other cultures, most notably the customs and traditions of Spain, which surrounds the micronation entirely.

Logo of the Ikerlandian Music Awards

Ikerlandian Music Awards

The Ikerlandian Music Awards (commonly called IkerMusic Awards) are an Ikerlandian music awards presented annually by the entertainment company Daagga Style. Most of the awards are given to Ikerlandian artists, although some are also given to other International artists. The ceremony was first held at Mittyzöegaad in 2019 and televised on TV Ikerlàndia. The Ikerlandian Music Awards have been organized outside of Ikerlàndia in 2020 and 2021 is currently being broadcast internationally.

The categories are:

  • Artist of the Year (Meendaag)
  • Album of the Year (Boodaag)
  • Song of the Year (Daadaag)
  • Global Icon of the Year (Intdaag)
  • Best New Artist (Doodaag)
  • Best Mixed Group (Waadaag)
  • Best Dance Performance
  • Best Performance by a Band
  • Best Rap Performance
  • Best Vocal Performance
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best International Artist
  • Music Video of the Year
  • Most Popular Music Video
  • Performance of the Year
  • Best Digital Single
Most awarded by year
Year Artist Number
2018 BTS 10
2019 BTS 8
2020 Blackpink 7
2021 BZRP 7
2022 BZRP 8
2023 BZRP 12
Winners Awards
Blackpink 1


The Constitution of Ikerlàndia guarantees freedom of religion, though the Christianity is the official state religion of the Republic and the Presidency. The Church is supported by the state, and Christian religious institutions are protected by the Constitution as well.

The second most practiced religion is Islam, with the Islamic faith being the most popular among Ikerlandian Islamics. A large percentage of the population is also Atheist or Irreligious. There are also small communities of Jewish adherents.

Public holidays

Public holidays are celebrated in Ikerlàndia normally by taking a day off. If it falls on a weekend or if there is no work scheduled during the coming holiday, the day off is taken on the closest business day.

Date English name Ikerlandian name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Noow Yaat New Year's Day is celebrated by most of the world's countries.
28 Febuary Carnival Caarnavool Celebration of Carnival, is celebrated by most of the world's countries.
10 March National Flag Day Nationalzwölle Flagge Daa Celebration of the National Flag of Ikerlàndia.
30 March Ikerlandians' Day Ikerlandiyesse Daa Celebration of Ikerlandian nationals and residents.
15 April Ikerlandian Language Day Ikerlandiyë Leenny Daa Celebration of Ikerlandian language, the official language of the nation.
1 May King Iker I Day Baabydeeg Iker I Daa Celebration of the birthday of King Iker I, honorific founder of the House of Ikerlàndia.
2 May Workers Day Wookeet Daa Workers Day is a worldwide celebration of workers and the working class.
3 May Patriots Day Paatkeet Daa Patriots' Day is like a second national holiday for Ikerlàndia, but exclusively for patriots.
4 May Countess Maria I Day Coodyzwaat Mareey I Daa Celebration of the birthday of Countess Maria I, honorific founder of the House of Ikerlàndia.
21 June Friendship's Day Freeshyë Daa Celebration of the concept of friendship, between people and between nations.
10 June Roses Day Roosy Daa Celebration of the national flower, the roses.
3 September Koala Day Koala Daa Celebration of the national animal, the Koala.
21 October Emergence Day Emmydaag Daa Celebration of the emergence of the nation.
25 December Christmas Naavydaa Known in most countries as Christmas.
31 December Independence Day Independentzia Daa Celebration of the Declaration of independence of Ikerlàndia.


The Loo Deekah Kooronaat are presently the Republic's only media outlet. The chief editor and main contributor of the Loo Deekah Kooronaat is Iker I, now King of Ikerlàndia.

At the moment, the only television provider is IBS, and the radio is part of Ikerlandiyë Raaddy.

Ikerlandian language

The Ikerlandian language (Ikerlandian: Ikerlàndiagenng Leenny), is a constructed language created and used as an official language by Ikerlàndia. The language is in development by the Government of Ikerlàndia. The aspects of the language have been constructed from various languages, with the addition of multiple invented concepts. Ikerlandian with main basis in the Ukrainian, Swedish and Russian.

It is supervised by the Institute for the Ikerlandian Language since its creation in 2023.

There is only 1 active speaker of the language, and speakers are found nowhere other than Ikerlàndia.

National food

The national food of Ikerlàndia is the Kanelbullar, colloquially known as Daagyzwölle.

Restaurant Daagga I, a restaurant and bar became the first registered business in Ikerlàndia, a demonstration of the importance of cuisine in the Republic.

National food of Ikerlàndia


Ikerlàndia has three national museums. Two museums consists of personal collections of the King, while the third one is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Ikerlàndia.

The two National Museums dedicated to personal collections of the King of Ikerlàndia both concern ikerlandian history. The Daagga National Museum covers the history of Ikerlàndia Airlines, former airline giant that was in operations. The museum features memorabilia from the airline, as well as internal items from the company belonging to former employees. The Mittyzöegaad National Museum features an extensive collection concerning the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona.

The Duchess Maria I National Museum and Archives, named in the honour the grandmother of King Iker, features items from the history of Ikerlàndia and the micronational community in general with items such as a ukrainian hryvnia from 2019 and 2016, being part of the featured items from the museum. It is also where the Crown Jewels of Ikerlàndia are kept.

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