State of New Ikerlàndia

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New Ikerlàndia
Nueva Ikerlàndia (Spanish) Ikerlandiyagenng Neewwe (Ikerlandés)
Flag of State of New Ikerlàndia
Coat of arms of State of New Ikerlàndia
Coat of arms
CapitalNueva Mittyzöegaad
Official languagesSpanish, Portuguese, Valentian and Ikerlandés
• Governor
• Protection Treaty and Alliance of Vaalyzööe and Ikerlàndia
August 29, 2022
• Creation of New Ikerlàndia
September 1, 2022
• Estimate
+3 (probably)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

The New Ikerlàndia (Valentian: New Oከርላንድስ) is a Vaalyzööe state around Ikerlàndia, serving as protection, if someone attacks Ikerlàndia, they have to pass through Vaalyzööe first. The city capital is Nueva Mittyzöegaad. It was founded on 1 September 2022 by Jake.


Protection Treaty and Alliance of ValeVRG and Ikerlàndia

On 29 August 2022, a treaty that improves relations with ikerlàndia is signed, allowing more support between these two micronations, which is a pride and pleases President Max, it is reported that this matter addresses issues such as War, Exports, Matter of Governments, Mutual Support In Any Case and other matters. Practically two sister nations, ValeVRG is pleased to sign this treaty and we hope that it will continue advancing in relations with other countries according to statements by President Max.

Creation of New Ikerlàndia

Protection and alliance treaty of ValeVRG and Ikerlàndia.

On 1 September 2022, Jake made a state around Ikerlàndia to protect Ikerlàndia from any invasion. Iker became governor for being King of Ikerlàndia.


Nueva Mittyzöegaad
Pд Rai 1
Pд Rai 2


National Flags

National Flags
Flag Date Use
01 September 2022 First Flag of New Ikerlàndia
10 October 2022 Second Flag of New Ikerlàndia
28 December 2023 Third Flag of New Ikerlàndia