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From top to bottom: Flag of the Republic of Quebec and Kingdom of Quebec, Flag of the United People's Republic of Quebec, Flag of the Second Kingdom of Quebec, Flag of the People's Federation of Quebec

From top to bottom: Seal of the Republic of Quebec, Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Quebec, Emblem of the United People's Republic of Quebec, Coat of arms of the Second Kingdom of Quebec, Emblem of the People's Federation of Quebec
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentUnitary presidential-for-life republic (23 January-27 April)
unitary absolute monarchy (27 April-25 May)
unitary one-party socialist presidential republic (25 May-31 May)
unitary semi-federal parliamentary semi-presidential absolute monarchy (31 May-11 July)
unitary one-party socialist presidential republic (11 July-7 November 2019)
• Republic created
23 January 2019
• First Kingdom
27 April 2019
• First Socialist state
25 May 2019
• Second Kingdom
31 May 2019
• Second Socialist state
11 July 2019
• Dissolution
7 November 2019
Today part ofPaloma

Quebec was a country in Michigan, United States and Quebec, Canada for most of 2019. It proved to be politically instable and bipolar with the countries ideology and government systems having changed a number of four times in the span of ten months.


Forming out of the North American remnants of the Catholique Socialist Republic which had dissolved in January 2019, Quebec was established as the Republic of Quebec. Quebec would then go on issue with political dysphoria and instability which caused the constant governmental changes every few months. This constant changing brought controversy to the country and criticism which made it a MicroWiki community meme for a short period of time.

Although being named Quebec and having laid claim to lands in the Canadian province, Quebec's government was always operated from Citadelle which was located on Quebecois territory in Michigan. The word Québec comes from the Canadian city with the same name, the definition of Quebec is an Algonquin word which means "where the river narrows", referring to the Canadian city where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap.

The longest government system by Quebec was during its period as the People's Federation of Quebec as a unitary one-party socialist presidential republic lasting a total of five months.

Republic of Quebec

The Republic of Quebec or the ROQ was established as a unitary presidential-for-life government composed of cities, towns, and states made from retained lands of the former Catholique Socialist Republic in North America.

The Republic of Québec was founded after former President of the Catholique Socialist Republic, Aidan McGrath wanted to reshape and reform the government itself due to a lack of boosts in the economy. The Constitution of Quebec was later published and involved the dissolution of the Catholique Socialist Republic. It had 5 states also released its ban on members who are LGBT+ and lifted its ban on non-Catholics held by the former CSR.

Kingdom of Quebec

The Kingdom of Québec, or officially the Kingdom of Québec and Versailles, The kingdom included the island of Île à Dumais, and others. It has a unitarian absolute monarchist government, with Aidan McGrath being monarch.

United People's Republic of Quebec

Second Kingdom of Quebec

People's Federation of Quebec

After the dissolving of the Second Kingdom, the People's Federation of Quebec, also known as the PFQ was formed. Similar to the previous socialist state, it was the most productive state passing the most amount of bills. The forming Prime Minister was Hankery Jenkinson.

The Government was lead by Aidan McGrath as President and its national legislature called the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council was most authoritative legislative body of the PFQ however the council could not overrule the executive branch (President). At its peak, the Supreme Council had 11 out of 21 members with the Communist Party of Quebec being the ruling body.

Only one election was held for with Jack Morris winning the Vice Presidential election and William Wilson winning the Prime Minister elections with the help of Nicholas Randouler maintaining election statistics.