Republic of Połiak

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Republic of Połiak EN

Republika Połiak SK

Republík d Poljaq BRN
Coat of arms
Motto: ?
Anthem: ?
File:Bratislava, Slovakia
and largest city
Official languagesSlovak, Połiakese, Baranese
GovernmentUnitary dominant-party semi-presidential republic
• President
• Prime Minister
K.Č. (disputed)[b]
LegislatureNational Council
Establishment16 January 2020
• Census
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Time zoneUTC+1
Internet TLD?
Preceded by
This micronation is a former member of the UWSM.

The Republic of Połiak is a micronation located in Bratislava, Slovakia. It has 3 citizens and was established on 16 January 2020. It borders with Slovakia. Połiak was one of two states of the Połiak-Baránok federation, in which they were with Baránok. Połiak was also a member of the now-defunct UWSM.


Połiak was originally named Poland, but after several protests from citizens of Połiak-Baránok and allegiations of "copying everything" from Poland, it was changed to the current name, which was, however, also criticised by some people, mainly Baranese citizens.



All began with S.D., who was a Baranese citizen. In January 2020, Baránok fell to massive inactivity. On 16 January 2020, S.D. decided to secede from Baránok and create Połiak. K.Č., another Baranese citizen, left Baránok with him. A provisional government was created, with S.D. as President, K.Č. as Prime Minister and M.H. as President of the National Council. Some help from Baránok also came, for example then-Baranese President, Imrich Kvajda, was appointed Minister of Education. Then, Baránok came with an idea about creating a federation between them and Połiak. In the beginning, S.D. refused it, but on 18 January, they accepted it and Połiak-Baránok was born.


S.D. was elected the President of P-B Federation on 20 January 2020. Połiakese citizens were relatively influential in the Federation, although they were a minority.


After P-B was dissolved in March 2020, Połiak became inactive for two months. This era lasted to May 2020, when Połiak asked to enter the UWSM. They finally joined it on 2 June 2020. The President later said that elections will be held sometimes in summer 2020, but were not organised to this day. Połiak is one of two countries from the now-defunct UWSM which still exists on paper, however has not been active since June 2020. The country is not expected to resume activity.

Government and politics

Połiak is a unitary semi-presidential republic. The current President is S.D. and the Prime Minister is K.Č. The legislature is the National Council. No one knows how many seats it has. The only political party in Połiak is Połiak, our nation, a political party that operates since the country was established.


  1. Most likely remained on the post also during the Połiak-Baránok era, unlike his Baranese counterpart.
  2. Although he never officially left the office, there are doubts about when his mandate ended (either after Połiak-Baranese parliamentary election, or never).
  3. Połiak first comprised of Gyögiszertár's northern area, however, the territory was handled to Baránok after Połiak-Baránok's dissolution. Połiak has remained a virtual micronation since.