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1st President of Połiak
Assumed office
16. 1. 2020
Prime Minister K.Č.
Predecessor Office established
1st President of Połiak-Baránok
In office
21. 1. 2020-23. 3. 2020
Prime Minister Imrich Kvajda


Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
1st Minister of Transport of Baránok
In office
5. 9. 2019-16. 1. 2020
President Imrich Kvajda
Prime Minister M.B.
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Citizenship Slovak, Połiakese
Nationality Slovak
Ethnicity white
Political party Połiak, our nation (2020-present)
Residence Warzhaua

S.D. is a Połiakese and former Baranese politician who is the President of Połiak from 18 January 2020. He has also been the President of Połiak-Baránok federation, but has been largely inactive in micronationalism since P-B was dissolved.

Political career


S.D. was invited to join Baránok on 5 September 2019, shortly after the Stone War ended. It is unknown if he actually participated in the war, but it is possible as many of the people that fought together with the Baranese Army then joined Baránok. He was appointed Minister of Transport in the government of M.B. Sometime in October 2019, he established the Sewer Party, which he became President of. He led his party to became part of a new coalition formed after the December 2019 parliamentary election, leading to his party merģing with the Socialist Party. After the Christmas Crisis began in Baránok, he decided to remain in the coalition.

Establishment of Poliak

On 16 February 2020, as Baránok fell into inactivity a short time prior, S.D. decided to secede from Baránok with his newly-established Republic of Połiak. He became the first President of the nation, with K.Č. appointed to the post of the Prime Minister. On 17 January, Baranese officials asked Połiak to form a federation with Baránok, but he rejected. He ultimately accepted the next day and thus Połiak-Baránok was born. In these days, he also established a new political party, Połiak, our nation.


On 20 January 2020, presidential election was held in Połiak-Baránok, with S.D. unexpectedly winning by one vote over S.S. He was sworn in the next day. As President, he selected Imrich Kvajda to be the country's first Prime Minister immediately after his inauguration. He then played a big role in the illegitimate government scandal in late February, where officials of his party claimed that they won the election, although they did not. On 3 March 2020, he appointed Kvajda (who was the leader of the Social Democrats, the party that won the election) for his second term as PM. S.D. also played an important role when the opposition (formed by his party officials and the Baranese National Party) tried to depose Federal Parliament's President P.L. He prevented them to do so and the illegitimate government scandal thus ended. In this period, he enjoyed popularity among the citizens. In late March 2020, when it was already obvious that Połiak-Baránok will be soon dissolved (because of the S.S.-gate and an ongoing clash between the unionists and the separatists), S.D. strongly opposed the idea of splitting the federation. However, citizens voted for dissolution of the country on 23 March 2020.


Połiak regained its independence after the federation was dissolved, however, unlike Baránok, entered a period of inactivity that lasted until late May 2020. S.D., still holding the office of the President, then met with Kvajda and negotiated about Połiak entering the Union of Western Slovakian Micronations, which happened on 2 June. When asked if Połiak will resume activity, S.D. stated that election will be held in summer of 2020. This meeting with Kvajda was the last activity of both Połiak and S.D. in the micronational community, although Połiak was never officially dissolved.