2019 Baranese parliamentary election

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Baranese parliamentary election, December 2019

5 December 2019 April 2020 →

All 12 seats in the Kugelschreiber
7 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader M.B.[a] Imrich Kvajda P.L.
Party Socialist PA Drunk and Corrupt
Leader since ? ? October 2019
Last election Party established Party established Party established
Seats before 2 5 1
Seats won 2 6 1
Seat change Steady 0 1 Steady 0
Popular vote 6 votes 1 vote 1 vote
Percentage 54,5% 9,1% 9,1%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader S.D. M.M.
Party Sewer Party Independents
Leader since ? ?
Last election New party New party
Seats before 2 1
Seats won 2 1
Seat change Steady 0 Steady 0
Popular vote ? 0
Percentage ? 0

Prime Minister before election


Prime Minister after election


The first parliamentary election in Baránok were held on 5 December 2019.



The election was held in two electoral districts: Gyögiszertár (from 8:45 till 12:40) and Izba (16:00-20:30). The third district, Riparian Woodlands, did not open.


The election is considered somewhat of a controversial event, mostly because of the obscure voting system, where the candidates couldn't vote for their party. Smaller parties, like the Socialists, who won, took advantage from this system and the biggest party, the People's Alliance, ended up with only one vote because of it. Also, every candidate got into the parliament as a result of no candidate's list, as there were only the names of the parties. The Socialist Party formed the coalition, which was composed of three parties (the Socialists, the People's Alliance and the Sewer Party). Drunk and Corrupt were the support of the government, leaving the independent candidate, M.M., in opposition.


  1. K.Č. was the party's President, but he did not lead the party in the election.