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Goji was one of the two cities in Federal Republic of Baránok and the country's biggest one. It was located in the Republic of New Pennsylvania. There were headquarters of two Baranese political parties: Democrats and ZSAMB.

Established April 2020
Founder Imrich Kvajda, T.L.
 - Mayor Imrich Kvajda (DP)
Population (2020)
 - Total 3 (no inhabitants)
Demonym Gojise


Goji didn't have a very long history. It was established in April 2020. T.L. was appointed as the first Governor and Imrich Kvajda as the first Mayor. The city could be described as a city-state, as it technically covered the whole of New Pennsylvania. The city was very progressive, together with Gyögiszertár, the capital, in comparison to other Baranese settlements, as it was divided into several districts, had an unnamed boulevard and even a "city park".


Goji was led by a Mayor. Imrich Kvajda held the position for the entirety of existence of the city. The city didn't have any legislature, but the Mayor represented Goji in the Council of New Pennsylvania.


Goji was located in western Slovakia, north of Gyögiszertár. The land was hilly because vineyards were located there, but was connected by several roads and paths. Many trees or plants grew in the area. In September 2021, Kvajda and T.L. went to explore the area of the city and noticed that more trees and grass grew in there, making some areas, for example the city park completely inaccessible, however, the "boulevard" is still busy with cyclists, runners and walkers, as is the bigger road in the former Lower Goji district.

Administrative divisions

  • Lower Goji - accessible with an asphalt road, several vineyards can be seen
  • Central Goji - the city centre, accessible by a little sandy road (the boulevard)
  • Upper Goji - the northernmost point of Baránok, an unnamed hill, the higgest point in Baránok, was located there, accessible from the boulevard