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DJ Vemeno (in English DJ Udder) is a Baranese musical project created by Imrich Kvajda in 2019.

DJ Vemeno
Background information
GenresAlternative rock • Instrumental rock • Electronic • Noise
Years active2019; 2020-
Associated actsCow on Curry
Current membersImrich Kvajda
Past membersS.S.


2019-Formation and first songs

DJ Vemeno was formed sometimes in mid-2019 by Imrich Kvajda. The project did not gain much attention before the rock band Cow on Curry broke up in September 2019. Kvajda began to focus on his solo project and contacted S.S. to join him as a studio player. They recorded several songs during their only session, including probably the most popular, Prologue, which became popular thanks to random singing of the text and accidental use of vulgarism in one part. DJ Vemeno was then inactive and practically dissolved for majority of the time.

2020-Present day

In April 2020, DJ Vemeno (only Kvajda alone) published a new song named OIIIIII. This was the only activity of the project until November 2020, when a new song named rotten prologue was published and also, a new, non-vulgar mix of the hit Prologue. On 29 November 2020, DJ Vemeno published his first album named "Bruh".



First, the project focused mainly on Noise music with loud keyboards, random lyrics and guitar, but after only Kvajda remained, loud acoustic guitar and instrumental songs became more preferred.


Studio albums


Album singles

  • Bruh (ft. DJ Pisetko) (Single Edit)