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The Baranese Telegraph is a left-wing newspaper and is also the only journal in the Baránok and formerly also in Talcon.

Baranese Telegraph
FormatOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Imrich Kvajda
Founder(s)Imrich Kvajda
EditorImrich Kvajda
Founded2 April 2020
Political alignmentLeft-wing
HeadquartersBratislava, Slovakia
Circulation1-3 articles a month
WebsiteOfficial website


Baránok didn't have a long history of newspapers and magazines before Baranese Telegraph was established. Its de facto predecessor was the Political magazine, the only number of which was published in the late existence of Połiak-Baránok in March 2020. After P-B broke up, Imrich Kvajda thought of a newspaper that would be operating instead of the Political, which was dissolved in early April 2020, with only one number published. The newspaper's (which's new name was Baranese Telegraph) establishing process was relatively fast, as the website was set up on 2 April 2020 and first article was published on that day too. The Telegraph remained the only active media in Baránok and published several articles each month. However, in autumn of 2020, the newspaper became semi-inactive and doesn't publish many articles now, but still exists. When Baránok was dissolved, the newspaper decided to continue its existence in the Empire of Talcon, and Kvajda occasionally published short articles in the newspaper even after Talcon was dissolved. The articles were mainly about the history of Baránok. Baranese Telegraph officially resumed its activity as a Baranese newspaper on 11 April 2022.[1]




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