Constitution of Baránok

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The Constitution of Baránok was the supreme law of Baránok. It was written by Imrich Kvajda, but was never ratified.

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Baránok
First page of the Baranese second Constitution
First page of the Baranese second Constitution
Created 10 May 2020
Ratified -
Location Baránok
Authors Imrich Kvajda
Signers -


There were two constitutions in the history of Baránok. The first was written in late 2019 and the second in May 2020. Both were written by Imrich Kvajda, who, as a member of the Federal Assembly of Baránok, proposed a law which would ratify the second constitution at least two times, but they were ultimately rejected. That meant Baránok never had a ratified constitution in its history.

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