2019-2020 Baranese political crisis

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On 23 December 2019, a political crisis began in Baránok after 4 MPs left the coalition, leaving the government in a minority with 2 supporters.

2019-2020 Baranese political crisis
Part of Second Republic of Baránok
Date23 December 2019-18 January 2020 (de facto)
Parties to the civil conflict
Government and its support
Rebels from People's Alliance and Opposition
Lead figures

Socialist Party

People's Alliance (those who supported the government)

Drunk and Corrupt

People's Alliance (rebels) and other supporting parties



On 5 December 2019, first parliamentary election were held in Baránok. Socialist Party won with a total landslide of 9 votes. They formed a coalition with People's Alliance and Sewer Party. Drunk and Corrupt supported them. However, the composition of the government did not change, so M.B. remained Prime Minister.

The crisis

On 23 December 2019, one day before the Christmas Eve, President and MP Imrich Kvajda thought about a possibility that the government is trying to take absolute power in the country (which he later claimed was an "incorrect step" from him). He informed MPs of People's Alliance about his theory and they informed the PM that four of six MPs of PA are leaving the coalition. The government remained in minority with 1 supporter and scheduled an early election for January 2020. Two other MPs of PA left the coalition a few days after. In January 2020, when the election was supposed to be held, Baránok felt to inactivity and that was also the cause of establishment of the Republic of Połiak by 3 Baranese citizens on 16 January. One citizen also left Baránok that day, saying that he was “bored”. The crisis ended on 18 January by establishment of Połiak-Baránok.


After the crisis, Połiak-Baránok was established because of the crisis, but the country existed for only two months, as another crisis and then referendum dissolved the country and both Baránok and Połiak were re-established then.