Socialist Party (Baránok)

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Socialist Party
PresidentImrich Kvajda
FounderImrich Kvajda
FoundedOctober 2019
March 2022
Dissolved29 January 2020
Merged intoPołiak, our nation Baranese National Party
HeadquartersGyögiszertár, Baránok
Membership (2022)1 Steady
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationSocialist Alliance (2019)
Colors  red
Seats in the Parliament
0 / 3

The Socialist Party is a political party in Baránok. Established in October 2019 by Imrich Kvajda, it was a dominant party in the country during the Second Republic under the leadership of K.Č. and M.B.


The party was founded in October 2019 by Imrich Kvajda, who also became its first President, however, he abruptly left the party a few days later, with K.Č. succeeding him as President. He led the party to the December 2019 parliamentary election, which they won. K.Č. stepped down from his post after the election, handing the presidency over to M.B., the then-Prime Minister. The party fell into inactivity after the 2019-2020 Baranese political crisis, during which their government collapsed and which ended by Połiak-Baránok's establishment. Both of the members left the party on 29 January 2020, effectively dissolving it.


The party was re-established by Kvajda in March 2022. It ran in the April 2022 parliamentary election, in which it gained 2 votes and no seats in the Parliament.