FC Zrno

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FC Zrno is a football club, mainly known for participating in the B-League, the top tier of Baránok, during the existence of the country.

FC Zrno
Full nameFootball Club Zrno
FoundedDecember 2018 by O.B.
GroundOgrgeľ Arena, Gyögiszertár (outdoor), Gyö Stadion, Gyögiszertár (indoor)
(Capacity: 15, 30)
CoachImrich Kvajda
Home colours


The beginnings

In December 2018, O.B. decided to establish a new club to play in the former domestic cup of the B-League, the Christmas Tournament. He and Imrich Kvajda created a logo and a name for the club. They named it FC Zrno, because the club had a chicken eating grain in the logo (zrno means grain in Slovak). The club played in the tournament, losing both matches. The players were satisfied with their results, though, as they were outsiders from the beginning.

In B-League

O.B. departed from the club in summer of 2019, shortly before the B-League was established. FC Zrno gained a plenty of good results, although the second half of the season was later cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic and the team of Others was declared the champions. In the 2020-21 season they won the B-League for the first time in their history.

In Talcon

The club remained active after Baránok was dissolved and signed up for the Talconian Premiership on 25 February 2021.


The club hasn't got a permanent squad, as the teams in the B-League (and other leagues in which the club plays/played) mix before every match.


As said, FC Zrno does not have a permanent squad, but has members, majority of which play for the club.

No. Nationality Position Player
1 GK O.B.
? GK A.H.
? GK S.D.
2 DF P.L.
5 DF Imrich Kvajda (captain)
9 MF S.S.
No. Nationality Position Player
10 FW K.Č.
11 FW D.K.

Notable players

Symbols and colors

FC Zrno does not have a logo and an official color, although blue is considered to be the color of the club, but this is disputed.


From the establishment, the club is owned mainly by O.B., who describes himself as an "epic investor". The other owners are unknown.