Confederation of Baránok and Talcon

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Confederation of Baránok and Talcon


Flag of Baránok.svg
Flag of Baránok
Flag of Talcon.png
Flag of Talcon

None official
Bratislava, Slovakia
Official language(s)Slovak
Official religion(s)Secular state
Short nameBaránok-Talcon
Established17 April 2021
Area claimedcca. 12.21 km2
HDIvery low
Time zoneUTC+1
Internet TLD.bat
National sportFootball
National animalDog

The Confederation of Baránok and Talcon (shortly Baránok and Talcon) is a confederation between Baránok and Talcon, which was established on 17 April 2021.


In late March 2021, K.Č. and M.B., citizens of Talcon, decided to re-establish Baránok. As Talcon was inactive, there were some rumours of making Talcon a part of Baránok, but Talcon became active in early April 2021. The two micronations decided to start talks about a confederation. The negotiations were held on 16 April 2021, and on 17 April, the Confederation of Baránok and Talcon was officially established. The confederation is currently in state of inactivity, and is not expected to resume activity soon. The Confederation was not officially dissolved to this day, however, it is considered to be defunct by its officials, as both of its members do not exist anymore.