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  Capital city  
View of Gyögiszertár from the east
Nickname(s): Gyö
Established 6 September 2019
Founder Imrich Kvajda, A.H.
Legislature City Council
 - Mayor T.L. (DP) (last)
Population (2020)
 - Total 6 (no inhabitants)
Demonym Gyögiszertárian
Time zone UTC +1

Gyögiszertár (in Baranese: Gyoogiszertaar, before January 2020: Gyogiszcetár) was the capital city of the Federal Republic of Baránok. It has 6 citizens and was also the second largest city in Baránok.

Location of Gyögiszertár


Gyögiszertár was established on 6 September 2019 as School Ave by Imrich Kvajda and A.H. But the name was changed on Gyögiszertár after the founders went on a trip, where they saw a pharmacy. There were names of the pharmacy in many languages. In Hungarian it was named Gyögiszertár. The founders liked this name, and decided to rename the capital on Gyögiszertár. Gyögiszertár was the capital of Baránok to 20 January 2020, when Połiak-Baránok was established. In Połiak-Baránok, there was no capital, so Gyögiszertár, as the largest city, was considered to be the capital. When Federal Republic of Baránok was established, Gyögiszertár became the capital one more time.

Administrative divisions

Gyögiszertár was separated on two parts (North Gyögiszertár and South Gyögiszertár) for most of existence of the city, but when citizen from the north part declared independence as the Republic of Połiak, only one part, the South, remained. On 23 March 2020, the area of Gyögiszertár expanded to the whole building of the school. The city didn't have any administrative divisions since then, but it was still commonly divided on North and South by the inhabitants, with Northerners being the majority of the city population.

Notable events that occured in Gyögiszertár

  • 5 December 2019- First parliamentary elections in the history of Baránok were held there.


No. Name Took office Left office Party
1. A.H. 6 September 2019 25 April 2020 Independent, People's Alliance, CDA
2. T.L. 25 April 2020 27 January 2021 CDA/Liberal/Democratic