Declaration of Independence of Baránok

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Federal Republic of Baránok declared independence from Slovakia on 8 October 2019.


From the beginning, Baranese people wanted to be ,,independent" from Slovakia. But they never signed a declaration of independence before, so Baránok was de jure still part of Slovakia.


On 8 October 2020, President Imrich Kvajda had an idea to write a declaration of independence to reach de facto Baranese independence.


1. Baránok is a sovereign, independent country.

2. We will use euro as currency.

3. We have a system of Presidential democracy.

4. We don't have any bad thoughts, that means we're not terrorists.

5. We want to be recognized by at least one sovereign state.

6. Be kind to animals.

7. Anyone can enter our territory, but he/she must follow the instructions about ecology.

8. We are decent.

9. Our capital is Gyögiszertár.

10. We're a federation with five states.

In South Gyögiszertár, 8. 10. 2019.

Signed by: Imrich Kvajda, A.H., S.S., T.L., Oľga Bebečková

This day was celebrated as the Independence Day in Baránok.

The original of the Declaration of Independence (in Slovak)