P. L.

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P. L.
10th Prime Minister of Baránok
In office
27 February 2022-13 April 2022
President Imrich Kvajda


Predecessor T.L. (2021)
Successor S.S.
5th Leader of the Opposition in the legislature of Baránok
Assumed office
13 April 2022
President M.B.
Prime Minister S.S.
Predecessor K.Č. (2021)
Successor S.S.
Citizenship Slovak, Baranese
Political party Drunk and Corrupt (2019-2021, 2022-present)
Other political
Independent (2022)
Military service
Service/branch Baranese Navy
In service 2020-2021
Rank ?

P. L. is the former Prime Minister of Baránok, Minister of Defence of Baránok (and the also former State Secretary of it), media magnate, and the leader of the Drunk and Corrupt party. He was also very influential within TV Baránok and TV HNOJ television channels. He is currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Baránok. He was formerly known as the ,,Coatchanger”, as his party was able to co-operate with any political party in Baránok. He was also a redactor of the Baranese Telegraph briefly from April to May 2020.