Leader of the Opposition (Baránok)

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of the Federal Republic of Baránok
Vodza oppzce
since 13 April 2022
NominatorLeader of the opposition party in the Parliament of Baránok
Term lengthNone
Inaugural holderM.M. (de facto)
Formation6 December 2019

The Leader of the Opposition is a political post in Baránok, which is held by the President of the largest opposition party. The position is unofficial. Currently, as the Baranese Parliament has only 3 seats, the only member of the opposition is considered to hold the post. The incumbent holder is P.L.


Political parties (at the time of appointment)

 -Independent (s)

 -Conservative Democratic Alliance/Liberal, Democratic

 -Free Baránok

 -Drunk and Corrupt

No. Name Photo Elected Assumed office Left office Prime Minister Head (s) of state Political party Days in office
1. M.M. 5 December 2019 6 December 2019 25 February 2020 M.B. Imrich Kvajda (to 20 January 2020), S.D. (from 20 January 2020) Independent 81 days
2. K.Č. 7 April 2020 8 April 2020 7 July 2020 T.L. Imrich Kvajda (to 22 April 2020), A.H. (from 24 April 2020) Free Baránok 90 days
3. T.L. 5 July 2020 7 July 2020 10 December 2020 K.Č. A.H. CDA/Liberal (to 3 December 2020), Democratic (from 3 December 2020) 156 days
4. K.Č. 7 January 2021[a] 10 December 2020 27 January 2021 M.M., T.L., Oľga Bebečková A.H. FB 48 days
5. P.L. 12 April 2022 13 April 2022 Incumbent S.S. M.B. DaC 589 days


  1. Automatically assumed the post after being overthrown from his former post of Prime Minister in a coup, re-elected in 2021 parliamentary election.