Social Democrats (Baránok)

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Social Democrats
PresidentImrich Kvajda
Deputy President (s)S.S.
Founded3 January 2020
Dissolved23 March 2020
HeadquartersGyögiszertár, Baránok
Membership (2020)3


Political positioncenter-left
Colors  pink/violet

The Social Democrats (coloquially known as SocDem) were a major political party in the Second Republic of Baránok and, most notably, Połiak-Baránok. The party was featured in every Połiak-Baranese government and led two of them, with Imrich Kvajda as Prime Minister. They were the first of three Baranese parties to have social democracy in their name.


First days

After leaving the People's Alliance in late December 2020, Imrich Kvajda and T.L. established Social Democrats after a meeting on 3 January 2020. S.S. subsequently joined on 14 February. The party first participated in Połiak-Baranese presidential election on 20 January 2020, with 2 of the three members (except Kvajda) running, although none of them was officially endorsed by the party. S.S. lost the election to S.D. by a margin of one vote. Kvajda was then named Prime Minister by the new President.


The party won the parliamentary election on 24 February 2020, however, Połiak, our nation claimed they have won the election and began composing a government under the leadership of M.B. Kvajda joined as Minister of Economy and S.S. as Minister of Defence, however, the former resigned on 26 February. The Social Democrats finally formed a new government, with Kvajda as PM, on 3 March 2020, with the previous one being removed by a vote of no confidence on 8 March.


On 18 March 2020, another crisis began as S.S. was removed from the post of the Minister of Defence after a xenophobic speech addressed to Połiaks. This began a feud between those who wanted to preserve the federation (the "unionists") and those who wanted Baránok to separate (the "separatists"). The Social Democrats were mostly separatist except Kvajda, who first stood on the unionist side, but then joined the separatists and became one of the leaders of the group, initiating a referendum in which Połiak-Baránok was dissolved. The party's officials then decided to discontinue it after only two months. There was no reason stated.


Although declaring social democracy its official ideology, the party was split into different ideological fractions, but majority of its members were either Baranese nationalists or liberals. There were also elements of populism in the party's ideology.