Government of M.B.

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The Government of M.B. was the second government of Federal Republic of Baránok. It consisted from all Baranese parties that existed then (8).

Government of M.B.
2nd ministry of Baránok
Date formed 5th September 2019
Date dissolved 25th February 2020
People and organizations
Head of government M.B.
Head of state Imrich Kvajda
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 12
Member party Socialist Party (to 29th January 2020), Drunk and Corrupt, Independents, People's Alliance (to 14th January 2020), Sewer Party (to 6th September 2019), Social Democrats (from 2nd January 2020), Połiak, our nation (from 29th January 2020), Baranese National Party (from 29th January 2020), For decent and modern Baránok (from 2nd January 2020)
Status in legislature Supermajority, in the term end minority
Opposition party None
Opposition leader M.M. to 23 December 2020, then de facto Imrich Kvajda
Election(s) 5th September 2019
Outgoing election 25th February 2020
Legislature term(s) 4 months
Previous A.H.
Successor Imrich Kvajda I (in Połiak-Baránok), Imrich Kvajda, A.H. (in Third Republic of Baránok)


In this government, there were all citizens except Imrich Kvajda, who was the President.

Name Office Party
M.B. Prime Minister Socialist Party (to 29 January 2020), Baranese National Party (from 29 January 2020)
Oľga Bebečková Minister of Health For decent and modern Baránok
A.H. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice (from November 2019), President of Parliament People's Alliance (to 14 January 2020), Independent (from 14 January 2020)
P.L. Minister of Culture Drunk and Corrupt
T.L. Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice (acting, to November 2019) People's Alliance (to 23 December 2020), Social Democrats (from 2 January 2020)
M.K. Minister of Canalization (to 16 January 2020, when he left Baránok) Sewer Party
H.K. Minister of Labour Democratic Party (to 5 December 2019), People's Alliance (to 14 January 2020)
M.M. Minister of Finance Independent
S.S. Minister of Defence People's Alliance (to 14 January 2020), Social Democrats (from 14 January)
S.D. Minister of Transport (to 16 January 2020, when he left Baránok to form Połiak) Sewer Party
K.Č. Minister of Education, Minister of Foreign Affairs (from October 2019) Socialist Party, Połiak, our nation (from 29 January 2020)