Republic of Underwoodia

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Republic of Underwoodia
Motto: Long live Liberty!
File:Underwoodia claims no physical land, instead existing as a collection of ideals.
CapitalNew Orolo (State)
Official languagesEnglish
Deism, but freedom of religion is strongly promoted
• Consul
Erasmas Underwood
Establishment8 December 2010
• Census
Time zoneCentral Standard Time
Underwoodia is now the Theodian region of Mentia.

The Republic of Underwoodia, or Underwoodia was a small micronation with no land territory founded on December 8, 2010. Its government system borrowed aspects from the Roman and American systems. Underwoodia is now the Theodian region of Mentia.


Phase One: The Early Days

Erasmas Underwood's political life has been shaped by the writings of John Locke, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. He always supported Conservative causes, and has been extremely outspoken about his views. On 8 December 2010, Underwood founded the Republic of Underwoodia and became its first Consul as a means of implementing those views.

After Underwoodia's acceptance into the OAM in June 2011, Consul Underwood began a campaign to increase the political influence of Underwoodia by creating diplomatic ties with other micro-nations.

During the controversial "trial" of Archangel and New Guinea that resulted in their expulsion from the OAM, Consul Underwood defended New Guinea along with few others. In the end, New Guinea was expelled regardless, which led Underwoodia to withdraw from the OAM.

"An Act to Establish the National Religion" was passed on July 20, 2011, officially endorsing Deism as the state religion of Underwoodia. At the same time, the act provided re-affirmation that Underwoodia supported Freedom of Religion, even ensuring protection against religious discrimination.

Phase Two: Rising Controversy

On July 26, 2011, a new Constitution was ratified, with Consul Underwood stating:

Ever since our founding in December of 2010, Underwoodia has slowly gained influence and recognition. Indeed, our outlook has slowly transitioned from simulation to reality. With this shift in outlook, we require a shift in organization. Hence, we have established a new Constitution to guide our nation in all our endeavors.

On August 2 of the same year, the New Germanic States (formerly the Runic Empire) declared war on Underwoodia due to their support of the Nation of Pashema, and even though they soon withdrew their declaration of war on Pashema, they chose to continue the war with Underwoodia. After a week, New Germanic States had done absolutely nothing with regards to their offensive war. Underwoodia released a statement via YouTube questioning the seriousness of New Germanic States. Underwoodia's ally, Kinsovea, declared war on New Germanic States in defense of Underwoodia but has also been waiting for them to make their move. The war officially ended on August 12, when Underwoodia claimed victory due to New Germanic States continuing failure to take any action.

On August 9, Erasmas Underwood established the Infinitum Award to be presented to allies who show loyalty and support in the face of adversity. The award was immediately presented to Kinsovea, Westsylvania and Grunkia due to their actions during the conflict with New Germanic States.

In honor of Underwoodia's Swedish heritage, on August 22 the flag was changed to resemble the Swedish flag while retaining the colors of black and yellow. The old flag, , was replaced with a new one, .

On the 20th of September, the Constitution was revised to provide Statehood and the primary state of New Orolo was created. New Orolo adopted the original Underwoodian flag.

On the 25th, Cermondy declared their boycott of Valnor, which caused Secundomia to declare an embargo on Cermondy. Thus, Underwoodia declared a boycott on all three of the involved nations with the hope of helping them to realize that they were all at fault and should work toward a resolution.

Two days later (the 27th), Consul Underwood released a press statement revealing the scandals of A. Tarquitius Buteo, leader of Underwoodia's former enemy New Germanic States. The post immediately sparked controversy, with some accusing the research as stalkerish and unrelated to micro-nationalism. Underwood, in turn, stated:

As if a basic search on someone who is acting as a rogue and threatening your own micro-nation as well as your allies is really "stalking," or "unrelated." Is searching Obama's e-mail stalking, then?

Underwoodia becomes Mentia

The Republic of Underwoodia is no longer a sovereign nation. It has become a new region in Theodia: the region of Mentia. Mentia seeks to create Reason-based Social Government.


Underwoodia was lead by a Consul, who held executive power, was commander-in-chief of the military and Head of State. Under him was the Senate, consisting of three Senators from each State who acted as the legislative branch. The Supreme Court of Underwoodia was manned by five Praetors.

Both the Consul and Senators were elected positions. The Consul was elected every two years while Senators were elected each year.

Foreign relations


Underwoodia was a member of the OAM for a brief time but ended up leaving.

Former Treaties:

Nation Date Signed Overview
Kingdom of Theodia July 4, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence
Kinsovea July 5, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace
Federal Republic of Grunkia July 7, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence
Federal Republic of Flatland July 9, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace
Pashema July 27, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence - Mutual Defense - Protectorate Status
Westsylvania August 7, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence
LurkSAR September 13, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence
Harleck September 21, 2011 Mutual Recognition - Peace - Intelligence


Underwoodia established the Infinitum Award for allies who display loyalty and support in the face of adversity. The award was immediately presented to Kinsovea, Westsylvania and Grunkia due to their actions during Underwoodia's conflict with New Germanic States.

Award Name Award Image Recipient Date
Infinitum Award Kinsovea August 9, 2011
Westsylvania August 9, 2011
Federal Republic of Grunkia August 9, 2011

Diplomatic Embargoes

These embargoes are, by default, cancelled due to the dissolution of Underwoodia.

Nation Date Enacted Date Lifted
Valnor September 25, 2011 N/A
Cermondy September 25, 2011 N/A
Secundomia September 25, 2011 N/A


Underwoodia held the principle that use of the military should be avoided, but that it will not hesitate to use its military when necessary.

The Militarization Act of 2011 established the Limited Warfare Arsenal (L.W.A.), which was the sole division of the Underwoodian military. The Arsenal was centered around cyber-warfare weapons, as this would be the only method for effectively harming the political influence of another micronation.

After New Germanic States' declaration of war against Underwoodia on August 2, 2011, Underwoodia prepared to deploy L.W.A. weapons but never needed to use them. New Germanic States never followed through with their offensive war, and so the ready-to-go L.W.A. was retired once again.

National Holidays

Date Name Comments
January 1 New Year's Day The celebration of the beginning of a wonderful new year!
January 29 Thomas Paine Day The celebration of the birth of Thomas Paine.
March 31 Tribute Day The celebration of Consul Underwood's birthday.
August 29 John Locke Day The celebration of the birth of John Locke.
November 21 Voltaire Day The celebration of the birth of Francois Marie Arouet, aka Voltaire.
December 8 Establishment Day The celebration of the founding of Underwoodia.

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