Empire of Cermondy

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Capital cityCermond
Largest cityCharlottestown
Official language(s)US English, French
Official religion(s)None
GovernmentAbsolute Imperial Monarchy
- EmperorHIM Emperor Ronald I
EstablishedSeptember 2, 2011
Area claimed3963mi²
CurrencyUS dollar ($)

Cermondy as it is currently known, was reformed as an empire on October 13, 2011. The empire spreads throughout the Carolinas in the Eastern United States.

Etymology (Étymologie)

The name comes from the English word "certainty," (pertaining to one certain leader). The other part comes from the region in France called Normandy, which is important because of certain Francophone rooting in the nation.

History (L'histoire)

Cermondy was founded by the leader who goes by "Midnight." Midnight thought of a different type of government, in which, one could rule without absolute monarchy, still hold your role for life, and most likely not be overthrown by your people. And so, Midnight got together with a few other friends, keeping the number low, and creating Cermondy.

First Dictator (Premier Dictateur)

The first and only elections in Cermondy were held on September 2, 2011. The candidates were Midnight, the inventor of Cermondy's governmental system, and a friend called "Dawn." Midnight promised to put in to action new health and energy plans to get the nation on its feet, diplomatic embargoes and treaties with other nations, and also to push for territorial expansion. Dawn pushed for a better economy and a new age of improvement in science. Midnight won by a unanimous vote on the first day, mostly because of his previous micronational experience. He assumed his new role and began work quickly.

A Cultural Identity

Cermondy began a major cultural change during the end of September/early October 2011. The nation experienced a boost in the popularity of Techno and Trance music. The nation became full of the music, which spread south from Charlottestown to the capital. The nation soon began listening to Techno on a major basis. This was the beginning of a new cultural identity for Cermondians. They became known in-country as "Countryside Ravers," because of the fact that most of the cities within the nation were technically in rural areas. This was used to the advantage of the ravers in the nation, as they blared Trance and Techno, without foreign complaints.

Transition to Empire

On October 13, 2011, the former dictatorship transformed into a new empire. "Midnight" became Emperor Ronald I, the emperor going by his given middle name. The nation decided that this was needed to stabilize the nation and its new expansion in both land and population. Half of the nation joined the new Imperial Army. This dramatic rise in recruits allowed for the idea of both military and domestic industrialization took hold. Weapons were imported from the United States for the army, and at home clothing manufacturing took hold as the first modern industry in the nation.

Government and Politics (Gouvernement et Politique)

Cermondy is an absolute monarchy which is led by the emperor. Each

Every dictator also creates a new flag to represent him/herself.

Rights of the Citizens (Droits des Ditoyens)

Each citizen in Cermondy has indispensable rights which may not be trodden upon.

  • The Right to Free Speech and Private Media
  • The Right to an Education
  • The Right to Food, Shelter, and Life
  • The Right not to be Persecuted for Religion, Sexuality, or Ethnicity
  • The Right to Dignity
  • The Right to Explore in and out of the Nation

Political Divisions (Divisions Politiques)

Within Cermondy, there are administrative divisions called either Cities or Territories. Cities and Territories differ in their amount of people. A city has 3 or more people. A Territory has less than 3 people. Each City or Territory is defined by when the Military captured it, and where it is. If one division is within 1 acre of another, it is incorporated into the one with the larger population.

Flag (Drapeau) Duchy Notes (Remarques) Date Incorporated (Date de Constitution) Location (Lieu) Population Duke/Duchess
Cermond.png Cermond Capitol/First Duchy September 2, 2011 Kershaw Co., SC 3 Duchess Meriam I
Arboretum.png Arboretum Lowest Population September 11, 2011 Kershaw Co./Lancaster Co., SC 1 Duke Daniel I
Charlottestown.png Charlotte First NC Duchy September 18, 2011 Mecklenburg Co./Union Co., NC 3 Duchess Charlotte I
Columbiana.png Columbiana Largest Population October 22, 2011 Fairfield Co./Richland Co., SC 5 Duke Nicolas I

Foreign Relations (Relations Avec L'étranger)

If you wish to open relations, you must request it on the talk page of either this page, or The Emperor's talk page. The emperor will get back to you ASAP.

Nation Relations Notes (Remarques) Date Requested (Date Demandée) Date Accepted (Date D'acceptation)
Flag of Burkland.png Marxist People's Republic of Burkland Informal relations First Partner 9/2/2011 9/2/2011
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Republic of Kuhugstan Ally 9/3/2011 9/3/2011
NorthenRepublicFlag.png Northern Republic Ally 9/7/2011 9/8/2011
NorsefireBritain.jpg Sakasaria Federation Informal relations 9/7/2011 9/8/2011
CleddauFlag.jpg United Cleddau Islands Informal relations Took Cermondian Gov't Twenty Days to Respond. 9/5/2011 9/25/2011
WestsylvaniaFlag.png Westsylvania Informal relations Westsylvania Accepted After Controversial Valnor Boycott 9/25/2011 9/26/2011

Unrecognized States (Etats non Reconnus)

Nation Notes (Remarques) Date Posted Date Renounced
Authoritarian flag.jpg Valnor Only Allows Two Religions Within Borders 9/25/2011 9/28/2011

Military (Militaire)

Cermondy's military is made up of half of the citizens. The Cermondian Army's purpose is to explore new lands and claim them for their emperor, explore into the scientific field, and to defend its leader and their nation. They are armed with AR-15 Assault Rifles.

Geography and Climate ( Géographie et Climat)

One of the local pine trees, which drive nutrients out of the soil. They are a nuisance to farmers in the area. Sometimes, forests of these grow, which we call pine barrens, like those in New Jersey, only more abundant and annoying.

Since it is located in the South-Eastern US, the climate of Cermondy is normally humid and warm. In summer, the temperatures reach 100 °F or above. In winter, the high is normally in the 50's, with cold nights and occasional snow. The nation's location in the Southeast also provides some fertile land if it isn't taken up by pine barrens.

Economy (Economie)

Cermondy has a mostly import economy, with some homegrown and domestically manufactured goods. Limits are put in place to ensure that only quality imports are brought in. A few laws are also in place to prevent the smuggling of alcohol and tobacco without a government tax put upon the product.

Education (Éducation)

Basic education is handled by the US Educational System. However, all citizens are to learn about the basic workings of the Empire and our history. New citizens must have an Eighth Grade education before being able to apply for full citizenship.


The nation has many traditions and customs, some of which are new, while others are old.

Holidays (Vacances)

Holiday Date Reasoning
New Year's Day January 1 First Day of Year
Foundation Day September 2 Foundation of Cermondy
Bisexual Day September 23 Much of Cermondy is Bisexual
National Rave Week Last Week of Sep. Week when Techno first became popular
Empire Day October 13 Day the dictatorship became an empire.
Winternus December (month-long) Many Winter holidays celebrated during Dec.

Media (Médias)

Most public media is handled by the state. However, a citizen may have private communications and blogging capabilities.

Music (Musique)

Cermondy has been consumed in a recent trend by Techno and Trance music. The rave spread from Charlottestown south, and created a stir in the capital. Some citizens have plans to produce their own beats.


Within the nation, our populous has accumulated many talents. Some sing and perform musical numbers before crowds. Others write stories and draw in many peculiar ways. There are also our comedians. We have ways to keep our guests entertained.