Federal Republic of InfinityLand

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Federal Republic of InfinityLand
Motto: ad infinitum, et ultra
[[File:2018 - Jul 2019: Colorado Springs, CO, USA Jul 2019 - dissolution: Fredericksburg, Virginia|frameless|upright=1.15]]
CapitalNov 2018 - Oct 2020: Redwood Oct 2020: Kieraz
Largest cityFieldcoast
Official languagesEnglish, Kierz
Government2018-2020: Monarchy 2020: Federal Republic
EstablishmentNovember 9, 2018
• (June 2020) census
Time zone2018-2019: IST,IDT (MST,MDT) 2019-2020: EST, EDT

The Federal Republic of InfinityLand was a micronation established on 9 November 2018, with a population of 11. It’s capital city was Redwood, which was founded on 20 November 2018, but at the time of dissolution the capital was Kieraz. The only organization InfinityLand was a member of was United Micro. The head of state of InfinityLand at the time of dissolution was President Luke of InfinityLand. The main news was posted on The Redwood Times.

Head of state Vice King Vice Pres. / Prime Minister
2018 King Jack 2018 Vice King C 2018 Prime Minister Jacob
2019 King Luke 2019 Vice King Cody 2019 Prime Minister Cody
2020 President Luke 2020 Vice President Cody 2020 N/A

On 22 November 2019, Bladesharp signed on as a member of the Union of Infinity. On 23 November 2019 citizens of Redwood experienced a heavy rainstorm. The same day, the Republic of Tizen signed on as an observer of the Union of Infinity. The Infinitian monarchy was abolished on October 3, 2020, while the Federal government change took effect on October 10, 2020, and InfinityLand was dissolved on October 18, 2020, being replaced by the Republic of Luchijan on the morning of October 19. November 9, 2020 would have been the 2 year anniversary of InfinityLand.

Transition from Kingdom to Republic

On October 3, 2020, at midnight EST, the Infinitian monarchy was abolished. The same day the country was transitioned into a Republic. October 10 was been declared Republic Day by the Transitional Government. The federal government wasn't ready when the changes would take effect, and since there was trouble figuring out how the new government worked, InfinityLand was officially dissolved on October 18, 2020.

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