Kingdom of Begon

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Kingdom of Begon
Coat of arms of Begon.png

Gott Mit Uns
God Save The King
Anthem of Begon

Laurinburg, North Carolina, United States
Capital cityKristofsberg
Largest cityPolinaturalo
Official language(s)English and German
Recognised languagesAll Languages
Official religion(s)Begonic Orthodox
Short nameBegon
DemonymBegonic or Begonian (In reference to Begonia)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
- KingHH&RM, Christoph I
- Lord High ChancellorHG Duke Augustus von Carolina
- Vice- Lord High ChancellorPrince Vincent von Vinsphalia
Legislature The Holy and Royal Begonic Parliament
- Upper HouseThe House of Royals
- Lower HouseThe National Asssembly
Established16 March 2019
Area claimedFamily and Donated Property
CurrencyBegonic Reichsmark (BRM)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
National sportSoccer
National dishSpaghetti (Particularly with [Melted] Cheese)
National drinkRoyal Begonian Brandy
National animalNothern White-Faced Owl
Patron saintSt. Edward, The Martyr (not working yet)

The Kingdom of Begon (Better known as Begon, historically known as Begonia) is a nation project located in the Carolinas in the eastern United States. It is a semi-absolute monarchy ruled by His Holy and Royal Majesty, King Christoph I. The most common language spoken in Begon is English, but some citizens also speak German, the second national language.

His Holy and Royal Majesty, King Christoph I, is the reigning monarch and Head of State, held accountable by The National Assembly and House Of Royals, both houses of Parliament. His Serene Highness, Prince David Augustus, is the Lord High Chancellor of Begon and Head of Government. He coordinates Parliamentary sessions as a representative of HH&RH.

History and Etymology

Begon originates from a teenhood organization, The Blades, which was founded in an attempt to reform the U.S government. The Blades focused on Carolinian and German nationalism, both of which fueled the flames for the founding of Begon, and it's predecessors.

The name "Begon" derives from the flower, Begonia, which was also the name of the predecessor to The Kingdom of Begon, The Kingdom of Begonia. Begonia was named after the flower, being that it was common in symbolism concerning or referring to The Blades.

The Crowned Republic of Polinaturalo was the micronational stepping stone that lead to Begon being founded. It succeeded The Blades as a Micronation instead of an Organization. Polinaturalo was an absurd nation, and would not have been taken seriously at all in current Micronational Standards. It banned things such as Snakes, Seals and Homework from entering it's borders.

Begon considers itself The Continuation of The Begonian Kaiserreich, one of it's predecessors. It also claims to be one of many successor-states to The Holy Roman Empire, specifically to The Duchy of Saxony and The Billung March.


The Kingdom of Begon claims several acres in The States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. Along with other overseas Territories in Brazil, Antarctica,

Land Administration

Begon divides It's territories into Provinces and Territories. Royal Provinces and Territories are lands with Monarchs, all of the Provinces and Territories listed below are Royal. All citizenship counts include both Honorary and Residential citizens.

Begonic Royal Provinces and Territories
Name Arms Picture or Location Flag Population Assembly Representative(s) House of Royals Representative
The Province of Kristofsberg
Laurinburg, NC
The Flag of Kristofsberg, Capitol of Begon.png
31 2 3
The Province of Polinaturalo n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 7 2 1
The Province of McIntyre n/a McColl, SC n/a 4 1 1
The Province of Foxtrail n/a McColl, SC n/a 3 2 2
The Province of Leith n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 1 1 1
The Province of New-Circon n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 0 1 1
The Province of Marlborough n/a McColl, SC and Laurinburg, NC n/a 0 1 1
The Province of U-Land n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 0 1 1
The Province of Hess n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 1 1 1
The Province of Hasty n/a Laurinburg, NC n/a 0 1 1
The Territory of Davidstadt
The Coat of Arms of Davidstadt (Begon).png
Rosemont, IL
The Flag of Davidstadt.jpg
0 1 1
The Territory of Kaltmark n/a San Antonio, TX n/a 0 1 1
The Art Islands, (territory) n/a North Topsail, NC n/a 0 0 0
The Territory of New Swabia n/a São José do Barreiro, Brazil n/a 0 0 1
The Territory of Burke n/a Burke Island, Antarctica n/a 0 0 1

Governance and Administration

The Government of The Kingdom of Begon is overseen by The Lord High Chancellor of Begon, David Augustus, Prince of Kaltmark, who was appointed in 2020, after His Grace, Maximilian von Schroeder, resigned as Chancellor of The Kingdom of Begonia, predecessor to Begon. David Augustus has appointed Vincent von Ironside as his Vice-Lord High Chancellor, and both of them have received the Begonic Order of Augustus.



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The Holy and Royal Begonic Parliament, commonly known as The Begonic Parliament, is the bicameral legislative governing body in the Kingdom of Begon, which comprises of The House of Royals and National Assembly. The House of Royals is presided over The Lord High Chancellor, and The National Assembly elects a Speaker annually.