Republic of Floriland

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Republic of Floriland

Glory in us
Canada, The USA
Capital cityL'arbre
Official language(s)English
Short nameFloriland
GovernmentDemocratic Presidential Republic
- PresidentJohn Lakes
- Vice-presidentEdison
Established4 April 2021
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneEDT (Mainland)
IMSO 1 codeFLR

The Republic of Floriland, more commonly known as simply Floriland, is a sovereign state, usually referred to as a micronation by external observers, consisting of multiple non-contiguous pieces of land.



Floriland had a predecessor which was established in August of 2017. The nation was dissolved in December of 2017.

Start as Megigaiau

The start of Floriland began when John Lakes decided to create his own nation for the 2nd time. The nation was called Megigaiau. Megigaiau was a democratic semi-dictatorship.

First presidential elections

The presidential elections came and they restarted 3 times with John Lakes's trial and Tucker Gladden becoming president for a short time during the elections but in the only election that actually happened without it having to be restarted Daniel Quintero won.

Name and flag change

During the elections after Tucker resigned his presidentship and gave power to gose a new name and flag were democratically decided to become the new name and flag of Floriland.

Second presidential elections

The second presidential elections happened in Floriland with Daniel Quintero winning and remaining as president. Daniel Quintero's running mate, Nicholas Lokin became the new the new vice-president.

Government and Politics

Floriland is considered to be a libertarian leaning country as both main parties the Radicals and Libertarian Party both have libertarian views for Floriland. While in the past the Radicals have been the driving force in Florish politics, the National Action Party (NAP) may contest the radicals soon. When most Citizens vote they take in Anti-Corruption, Personal Freedoms, Democracy and a Party's vision into account when they vote.

Political Parties

Party colour Political Party Name Ideology Seats
The Radicals Democratic socialism, libertarian socialism
4 / 14
National Action Party CARP-Nationalist Merger, unification, libertarianism, conservatism, corporationism, neo-liberalism, minarchy, environmental capitalism, anti-radicalism, social reformism, and nationalism
2 / 14
Libertarian Party Libertarianism
1 / 14
Conservative Party Conservatism
1 / 14
Direct Social Liberals Social Liberalism, Minarchism, Parliamentarianism, Direct Democracy
1 / 14
GVL Fiscal Conservatism, Libertarianism, Non-interventionism, Localism
1 / 14
Liberal and Conservative Big tent
0 / 14
Reform Party Centrism, Neoliberalism
0 / 14


Floriland's government comprises of some Ministers, The Parliament, The High Court, The Vice-President and the President. Floriland's Parliament has made a lot of decisions and they have voted on a few bills. The Parliament also does majority of the organization and voting the government. The High Court hasn't really done much do to the fact they have no cases to judge and there aren't any High Court members. The Vice-President can lead sessions, help out in the cabinet and work with the President. The President governs the whole country and they're the main Authority in the country. Although not all citizens are government members they can still propose citizens-assembly bills which the citizens vote upon.

Electoral Districts of Floriland

Name of Electotal District Flag of Electoral District Location of Electoral District Population
Electoral District 1 N/A N/A
Electoral District 2


Mississauga, Canada 9
Electoral District 3


Hawaii and Alaska 8
Electoral District 4 N/A N/A
Electoral District 5 N/A N/A
Electoral District 6


Electoral District 7


N/A 9

Foreign Relations

Nations recognized as Sovereign and Independent

Nations with mutual recognition with Floriland

Intermicronational organisations

Organization Status
LINLogo.svg LIN Provisional Member
Toronto Pact Member
New ComSov The Central Commitment
Cupertinologo2.svg Cupertino Alliance Full Member


President Quintero's Economy

Floriland's 3rd President Daniel Quintero decided to implement a Distributionist Market Economy with Government regulations and what Daniel calls a Economic Democracy.

National Symbols

Symbol Name Image
Flag Flag of Floriland FlorilandFlag.jpeg
National bird Canada goose Canadagoose.jpeg
National wolf Eastern Timber wolf EasternTimberWolf.jpg
National motto Glory in us 1024px-No image available.svg.webp
National tree Sugar maple Sugar-maple.jpg
National drink Imaginary drink Imagination.png
National dish Tofu s'mores 1024px-No image available.svg.webp
National colour White White.png
National fruit Nectarine Nectarine.jpeg


Climate data for Republic of Floriland (Mainland)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F 30 32 39 50 61 72 77 75 68 55 46 28 52.9
Average low °F 16 16 25 36 45 54 59 59 52 41 34 23 38.2
Average Precipitation inches 1.657 1.39 1.886 2.535 2.772 2.5 2.583 2.791 2.748 2.44 2.85 2.201 28.354
Average high °C -1 0 4 10 16 22 25 24 20 13 8 -2 11.6
Average low °C -9 -9 -4 2 7 12 15 15 11 5 1 -5 3.4
Average precipitation mm 42.1 35.3 47.9 64.4 70.4 63.5 65.6 70.9 69.8 62 72.4 55.9 720.2
Source: Google