Grand Duchy of Moletopia

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Grand Duchy of Moletopia
Moletopian Flag.png
Moletopia Arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Per hoc quod contentio surge triumphantis
From strife we rise triumphant
Anthem: In Glory United
Map of Moletopian Claims 01-2021(2).png
Moletopian Ordnance Survey Map Q1 2021
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Western European, Eastern European, Central European, South Asian, East Asian
GovernmentOligarchical Consitutional Monarchy
• 1st Grand Duke of Moletopia
William I
LegislatureMoletopian Parliamentary Administrative Council
• De Facto Independence
• Adoption of the 1st Constitution
• Passage of the Constitutional Acts
• Transition to a Grand Duchy
• Total
0.00066516 km2 (0.00025682 sq mi)
• 2020 census
CurrencyYorkshire Tea Gold (YTG)
Time zoneEST
Date formatYYYY-MM-DD
Driving sideright
Calling code343
Internet TLD.mi

Moletopia is a Grand Duchy with an oligarchical meritocratic council that started in Ottawa Canada, but hopes to expand across the globe. It is governed by the MPAC. The date commonly used for Moletopian Independence is 2020-02-21 (yyyy-mm-dd), as it is the date that the MPAC, at the time the Moletopian Provisional Administrative Council, passed its first piece of legislation.


Following the collapse of the Kingdom of New Prussia in 2019, Moletopia grew to become a dominant power in the Ottawa valley. With the ceding of the remaining territory of New Prussia on 2020-02-21, and the subsequent act entitled "M-341 - Articles of Annexation" Moletopia found itself expanding its territory by 130%, but simultaneously declaring independence from Canada.


Moletopia's territory is located exclusively in the Ottawa Valley with its capital, Holesville, being surrounded entirely by the Ottawa neighbourhood of Alta Vista.


The constitution of Moletopia is two seperate documents, the constitution, and the constitutional acts.

The constitution, which passed the MPAC with 7 ayes to 1 no, formalized the Independent Polity of Moletopia, instituting the MPAC as its governing body, which previously governed Moletopia and its territories informally. The MPAC had previously expanded Moletopia's territory from the parking lot to the central outpost, and the new Moletopia inherited these lands.

The constitutional acts compiled formative enactments made by the Moletopian Parliamentary Administrative Council, and raised them to constitutional law, requiring an amendment to be overridden. It also established the office of Provincial attorney, and the court system.


The MPAC, or Moletopian Parliamentary Administrative Council, previously the Moletopian Provisional Administrative Council, is the legislative body of the Grand Duchy of Moletopia. It is made up of founding members of Moletopia, and those who are appointed by the MPAC itself after completing and passing an online application. There are also 3 elected seats that are elected by both nationals and citizens.

Legislative History

  • M-341: Articles of Annexation Passed by the MPAC on 2020-02-21 8 Aye - 0 Abstain - 0 No
  • M-267: An Act to Establish a Standing Military Passed by the MPAC on 2020-03-06 6 Aye - 1 Abstain - 0 No
  • M-107: Special Administrative Region Clarification Act Passed by the MPAC 2020-03-14 3 Aye - 0 Abstain - 0 No - 4 In Absentia
  • M-359: Act for the Creation of the Special Administrative Region of Yabog Passed by the MPAC 2020-03-10 4 Aye - 3 Abstain - 0 No
  • M-981 The Census Bureau Act Passed by the MPAC 2020-8-15 4 Aye - 0 Abstain - 0 Nay - 3 In Absentia

Grand Duchy

Moletopia became a Grand Duchy on 2020-10-1 after the passage of a constitutional amendment that turned Moletopia into a Grand Duchy while also introducing elections for 3 new MPAC seats. Grand Duke William I, the former Secrectary to the Colonial Office became the first Grand Duke of Moletopia. The amendment also introduced the Order of Moletopia, a chivalric order of merit with members appointed by the Grand Duke.

Upon becoming 1st Grand Duke of Moletopia, Grand Duke William I gave the following statement:

I stand before you today as your monarch. I thank you for your support, and forever will endeavour to continue fighting for the rights of everyday Moletopians. This tremendous milestone for our great nation could not have been achieved without the ever lasting support and trust of the people. As I write this, I am prompted to reflect on the history of our country and on the injustices inflicted on us by our enemies. We have fought, we have laughed, we have cried, we have loved. My coronation will happen virtually on 18 October 2020. Until my next correspondence, In glory united, forever may it wave, the flag of Moletopia, proud and brave.