Astovian Union

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Astovian Union
National FlagCoat of Arms

Grace be Upon Us
New Jersey
Official language(s)English
Short nameAstovia
GovernmentCrowned Republic (De Jure)
- Emperor of the AstoviansHM William
- Sovereign of the UnionHM William
LegislatureCongressional Senate of Astovia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 24
- Last election - June 2019
EstablishedOctober 2017
Area claimedapprox. 2 square miles
Population30 approx.
CurrencyAstovian Valone ASV
Time zoneEST/EDT

The Astovian Union, more commonly known as Astovia, is a micronation located in New Jersey.


The first known use of the name Astovia dates back to the middle of October, 2017, when it was coined by the current Emperor and Sovereign, HM William. The state is also known as the "Evening Empire", and this name is often used in inter-lingual translation. Its first documented use is found in an early draft of the "Proclamation of Independence and Constitution", the combined declaration of independence and first constitution for the newly organized nation.

A citizen of the Astovian Union is an "Astovian".


Astovia was first created in October 2017, for the first couple of weeks being referred to as "The Federated States of America" and "The Arsh".

On 27 November 2017, eight revolutionaries came together at the Holy Lunch Table to draft a declaration of independence. On 28 November a constitution was ratified and the Independence Proclamation was signed by eleven signatories, one of which being the Emperor of Nerland. This proclamation was to be put into effect on 29 November. It established an empire with an elective monarchy, the national anthem, and one of the three main national animals.

Along with this declaration, the new Astovian Empire declared war on the United States. Without facing any opposition, the Astovian Empire declared peace and its new borders were drawn.



According to the fifth and current constitution, the Astovian Union is a Crowned Republic, with three branches of government.

The Legislative Branch consists of the Congressional Senate of Astovia, "a council of representatives from each of the Astovian States". The Congressional Senate has not convened since the Spring of 2019. The legislative branch was headed by the President of the Congressional Senate. Also referred to as the President of the Union, this office has been recently incorporated into the Sovereign of the Union. Former President Bonis was the last president elected, serving two non-consecutive terms.

The Executive Branch, according to the constitution, is headed by HM William the Emperor, and the Chancellor of Astovia. Under Article Four of the Constitution, the Emperor, "may tweak the laws of the nation" in cases of national crisis. Chancellor Magjuni was the last Chancellor of Astovia.

The Judicial Branch contains the Constitutional Court of Astovia, in which three individuals are appointed by the Congressional Senate, and one of the three is elevated by the Emperor to become the Head Justice. Although the Court is a "Constitutional Court", it dealt with other matters as well. Former Chancellor Magjuni also served as the last Head Justice up until the elections of 6 June 2019, in which the office along with the entire court was vacated. There were talks of appointing HRH Evelyn, but nothing ever solidified. Despite numerous appointments of Justices, the only time a national court assembled was on 10 September, 2018, under the guidance of the Imperial League. This case, UKAE v. King Leo of California (a titular office), the King was charged with high treason for "disrespecting the Empire's glory and the Supreme Emperor himself, who's power mustn't be questioned". King Leo was threatened with abdication and fifty years confinement within a labour camp, which caused uproar. This case sparked the beginning of the War of Allegiance, otherwise known as the third Astovian civil war.

Despite the constitutional delegation of powers, the government is shifting as the Emperor grabs power. This notably includes the recently assembled role from the remnants of the Chancellory and Presidency, the "Sovereign of the Union". This is one of the many examples of HM William reclaiming power and authority as the Union is being vacated.


Very few legislation was ever passed by the Congressional Senate, although much of the Union's laws are contained under Article Five of the constitution, "All Rights and Duties of Astovians".


The Armed Astovian Forces are comprised of the Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Space Force.

The TPG is the military wing of the party, and has a strong presence within most of the Union.

Political Divisions

The Union is comprised of three states and four territories, which are grouped into 5 departments.

Flag Official Name Type Department
State of East Martinsville
East Martinsville State Martinsville
State of West Martinsville
West Martinsville State
State of Brookside
Brookside State
Crim Territory
Crim Territory Bridge
Chimney Rock Territory
Chimney Rock Territory

World Field Territory
World Field Territory Warren
Lion's Stone Territory
Lion's Stone Territory
Capital District
Capital Capital n/a


Map of Astovia in the Western Hemisphere

Astovia is situated just north of the Raritan River, in New Jersey. The region is defined as a humid subtropical climate, under the Köppen climate classification. Elevation is roughly at 259 feet. The area is home to a variety of wildlife. Mammals include squirrels, deer, coyote, fox, chipmunks, rabbits, and occasionally black bear. The region is an important stopover for coastal bird migration. Blue herons are commonly found near the union's waterways. Hawks, Red Cardinals, and other songbirds also inhabit the nation. Other types of animals, such as various species of frogs, snakes, and fish, inhabit the area as well.

National Flags

Conceptual Flags

Before the Astovian Empire's independence, there were a few concept flags


The Astovian Valone is the national currency of the union, printed by the Bank of the Union, originally named The Astovian Federal Bank. The Valone was established in early 2018, originally trading for 1ASV:2USD. There are two main classes of the Valone, the early "A Class" and the new 2020 "E Class".


Fiver E Class


Astovia is a staunchly Central Jerseyan culture. Sandwiches are known as 'Subs', and water is pronounced as 'wahtur' (ipa: wɒtɜː). Many in southern or northern Jersey think they know where the Central section lies, but only true residents of the area know the full extent of its borders.

Diplomatic Relations