Kingdom of Lawfords

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The Kingdom of Lawfords was founded on 14th April 2021 at 15:41pm.

Kingdom of Lawfords
Flag Of Kingdom Of Lawfords.pngCoat Of Arms The Kingdom Of Lawford.png

Et libera nos regnum Powerful
The Lords My Shepherd
National Anthem for The Kingdom Of Lawford

Long Lawford, United Kingdom
Capital cityGrahame
Official language(s)English, Lawfordian, Scottish Gaelic
Official religion(s)Liberty to all Religions
Short nameLawford
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchism
EstablishedApril 14th 2021
Area claimedUnknown
Time zoneBST
National sportFootball
National animallion
Patron saintSaint George

The Current King and Ruler Is King Callum I Of The Kingdom Of Lawfords

Political Views

The Kingdom Of Lawfords is an absolute monarchy and the king/queen and the royal family will make the laws and vote on each of them together collectively. It does believe in Liberty and citizens being free to freedom of speech and freedom of protection. As well as making sure the people are given the voice and the royal family votes on.

As Of April 2021 There is no government or any kind of establishment other than the monarchy.


14 April 2021 = The Kingdom Of Lawfords is founded by King Callum I Of The Kingdom Of Lawfords

14 April 2021 = King Callum I Of The Kingdom Of Lawfords Is coronated

14 April 2021 = Lilly La Valley the kings dog is knighted. She is now Dame Lilly La Valley

14 April 2021 = King Callum I's friend who helped him start the nation called Conor was knighted.

16 April 2021 = The Kingdom Of Lawford formed an alliance with Megigaiau. King Callum I also made John Lakes his foreign affairs minister and king's advisor.

Royal Family Info

The Current Royal Family is The House Of Graham. The Surname graham originates from 1200s as a man named William De Graham. Who was an anglo-norman.

Callum George Graham was coronated on April 14th 2021 at 15:41pm after founding the nation of himself. The Constitution is currently under development and not currently finished. King Callum I Of The Kingdom Of Lawfords is the current king (April 14th 2021- )

The National Anthem is The Lords My Shepherd. It represents being proud of our nation like we are with our lord. It is also inspired as a memory King Callum I had of being played at West Bromwich Albion (the team he supports) as a prominent chant of them

The Current In Line To The Throne (As Of April 2021)

  1. Prince Kyle Of Lawford
  2. Princess Chloe Elizabeth Of Warwick
  3. Princess Jasmine Of Nunville
  4. Prince Peter, Duke Of Earl
  5. Duchess Karen Of Charlton
  6. Duke Mervyn Of Rowles
  7. Duke Morgan Of Rowles
  8. Duchess Bailey Of Coquees
  9. Duke Mason Of Rowles
  10. Duchess Kendall Of Midland
  11. Duchess Niyah Of Rowles

Foreign Realations

Mutually Recognized Nations