Monarchy of Livettree

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Zabëlle Skye was the Prince of Livettree from 20182020. Zabëlle was also serving as the Prince of New Eiffel during the entire time, and also became the monarch of The Islands of Omaha during late December, only a few weeks after ascending to the Livettree throne.

The monarch's constitutional roles in Livettree were delegated to a President, who acted solely as the president-for-life dictator. Black Wolf was the first and only President, however due to his inactivity he was forcefully removed after the takeover of Livettree. Zabëlle served as Monarch until the takeover took place, where Janus Smith who was with him became the new President after a loophole in a court case; he than proceeded to betray Zabëlle and take full power, declaring Livettree an empire and ridding of Zabëlle.

Zabëlle later abdicated from New Eiffelic on 20 June 2020.

Portrait Name Term Start Term End Birth Death
Zabëlle Skye December 2018 2020 18 November 2004

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