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Gradonia, formally, The State of Gradonia is a nation landlocked within Brazos County, Texas, United States. Gradonia was founded on January 1st, 2018 by William Wilson and Eddie Wilson.

Gradonia is not currently recognised by any nation within the UN and is considered a micronation. Gradonia consists of 5 contiguous provinces and outlying one colony. The capitol city, Charlington, resides within the province of Willvian. It's current government is an Authoritarian Democracy. The highest power of the government is the President. The President serves for a 10 year term before an election of a popular vote is held. The President appoints staff to communicate the concerns of the people, but rules with absolute legislative and judicial power.

Gradonia is primarily influenced by American, Hispanic, and Germanic culture. One example is the widespread celebration of Cinco de Mayo and of the celebration of the various American national holidays. One of which is the more popular National Backwards Day on January 31st

State of Gradonia

Tam liberi populo ac terra
(The land is as free as the people)
Official language(s) English
Demonym Gradonian
Government Authoritarian Democracy
- President William Wilson
Area claimed 428 acres
Population 41
Time zone CST
National drink DrPepper
National animal Scissor-tail Flycatcher


Gradonia is a place of diverse geography including ponds, plains, hills and creeks. The highest point in Gradonia, Dunny's Hill, is 307 ft. above sea level (93.57 meters). Gradonia's soil is primarily composed of clay and other silicates. The main bodies of water are situated in Willvian, Edderton and Cookan. These ponds are used for fishing and as reservoirs for the local livestock and wildlife.
Gradonia is made up of 5 Provinces:
Brown : Willvian
Green : Edderton
Blue : Cookan
Orange : Haynio
Violet : Cedarburg


Pre-Gradonian History

The area where Gradonia is located was first inhabited by Native American peoples approx. 10,000 years ago. The first known tribes to settle the area were the Caddo Tribes[1]. The area was first observed by Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca[2] in 1528. After the Mexican War of Independence, the land was opened to land grants by the Mexican government to Anglo settlers. The grant which included the current lands of Gradonia, would be the Burnet grant.

Era of Installation

While the State of Gradonia was first founded on January 1st, there were only two citizens and no government structure. Within the first few days the two citizens worked to gain new citizens. The first De-Facto leader was William Wilson from January 1 to February 7, 2018. This 38 day period is known as the Era of Installation. During this time the new citizens wanted to hold an election to cement a president into legitimacy. The election was held on February 7, 2018. The three main candidates were William Wilson, Ramzey Zimmerman, and Kade Hebert. There were also two independent candidates, Nathan Philipello and Lane Elliot. During the voting process Kade Hebert brought up arguments on the matter of having a Non-Gradonian vote counter. The counter in question was Trey Corn, who was a longtime friend of all three candidates. While Mr. Hebert did not enjoy the idea, both Mr. Wilson and Ms. Zimmerman approved. Once the voting was over the ballots were counted.

The newly elected President Wilson's next move was to create Citizenship Forms to document those who had became Gradonian Citizens. Another move was to start building legislative bills and appointing

Candidate Votes
William Wilson 7
Ramzey Zimmerman 5
Kade Hebert 5
Lane Elliot 1
Nathan Phillipello 0

Era of Legislation

After the election was The Era of Legislation. During this time most of the bills and laws, such as the Gradonian Veterans Care Bill and Gradonian Foreign Policy, were passed into action the military also grew significantly during this period. The president also expanded into the internet making contact with the Republic of Molossia and developing the national email. The President also made specific times where people could become citizens. This caused much demand in the area, so even more limits were set to quell the demands, such as including an oath of loyalty and Conscription Consent Form.During this time the President separated the military into the Gradonian Army Regulars, led by Pvt.First Class Brent Cook, and the more elite Gradonian Marines, led by Master Sergeant Seth Cook. The President also ordered the creation of the National Anthem.

Era of Connection

The Era of Connection is mainly considered to have started during the Era of Legislation. This was a time when the president reached out to many nations including the Empire of Austenasia, the Federation of Zenrax, and the Republic of Molossia. This also led to the admission of Gradonia as an observer state in the Grand Unified Micronational. During this time the President came into contact with three other nations landlocked within the United States. These nations are the Republic of Francia, the Kingdom of Domus Porcus, and the Commonwealth Federation. After several weeks the nations came to the agreement to create the Imperium of the Americas. An empire containing the nations as states. Gradonia also established relations with other nations during this time.

Important Dates

January 1: Conception Day
January 8: Emperor Norton Day
June 14: Remembrance Day
June 21: Summer Solstice
November 24: Thanksgiving
December 21: Winter Solstice


The government is an Authoritarian Democracy very similar to a Totalitarian Democracy[3]. The structure is a hierarchy with the citizens as the base, the provincial authorities as the next tier, Federal Authorities as the third tier, Presidential Secretaries as the fourth tier, and the President as the fifth and final tier. The people elect a President and the President appoints their secretaries. Afterward the secretaries appoint the federal authorities at the approval of the president. Finally the Federal Authorities appoint provincial authorities, at the approval of the Secretaries, to govern the people in the specified province.

Laws/bills can be made by the President but must be approved by the Vice-President and the Secretary of the department that the law pertains to.


The president is the head of the government and other internal affairs. The president and their vice-president hold absolute power over the Federal Government. The main duties of the President and his secretaries are to:
1. Protect the sovereignty of the state
2. Command and control the military
3.Secure the power of the state
While the president holds absolute Legislative power, if all of the Secretaries and the Vice-President unanimously agree the president can be suspended for a certain amount of time. The president has limited or no control during this time, the only requirement is that he reviews all legislation made by the secretaries and cabinets.
The president has direct control over the military as Commander in Chair. The President can promote any military personnel at the approval of the Vice-president. Any military operation must be approved or created by the President and Secretary of Defence. The President has all control over internal security and import/export.