Politics of Gradonia

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Presidential Government
1st cabinet of President William Wilson
Date formed: 7 February 2018
Date abolished: 31 July 2019
Head of government: William Wilson
as President
Monarchist Government
1st cabinet of HM William I
Establishment of the Konlichstag
Date formed: 2 August 2019
Head of government: William Wilson
as King

The Kingdom of Gradonia is a Federal Republic under a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy. The Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary are separate bodies with certain powers being limited, with respect to each other, by the monarch and legislature.

The executive branch is headed by the monarch and their cabinet and is co-dependent on the legislature, while independent on the judiciary. The cabinet serves as a set of advisers and representatives of departments they head to the monarch. The legislature is a Bicameral system which includes the Konlichstag and Council of Electors as houses. Each house may propose and pass bills, but the passed bills must be sent to the respective counterpart to be ratified in a Review vote. The judiciary is composed of the highest court, Concillia Iudicum, and the lower Provincial Courts. The Concillia Iudicum is headed by the Supreme Judge, who is appointed by the monarch.

Gradonia has a multi-party political system. There are currently five registered political parties. Historically, the Gradonian Communist Party and Gradonian Federalist Party have been dominant, however, the Gradonian Monarchist Party has recently grown more prominent than the Federalist Party as the "niche center-right" party in Gradonia.

In the Konlichstag, there are two unregistered political groups. The primary difference is on the law of succession in the Lex Gradonum, concerning whether seniority through age or seniority through relation should determine the royal successor. The Carolingian camp defers that seniority is determined by age, while the Villelmian Camp defers seniority is determined by relation.


The executive power in the government is vested in the monarch of Gradonia, although power is often delegated to the Cabinet members and other officials. The monarch is a hereditary position, but is also an optionally achievable in single combat, as per the Lex Gradonum. The Monarch, Aides, and Consort share a seat in the Konlichstag. The monarch can appoint and dismiss secretaries along with forming new departments, ministries, and agencies. The Cabinet, made up of Aides and secretaries of the respective departments, is the main advisory body to the monarch and holds administrative power over departments and the ministries and agencies subordinate to them.