Gradonian Federalist Party

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Gradonian Federalist Party
PresidentWilliam Wilson
SloganStrong are our roots
Founded11 March 2018
HeadquartersCharlington, Willvian, Gradonia
IdeologyCenter Conservative
Political positionCenter-Right
Official colors     National Blue

The Gradonian Federalist Party is a center-right party within the State of Gradonia. The party's main ideals are for the protection of private property, the current government, and the promotion of international diplomacy. The party commonly advertises a multi-cultural Gradonian identity.

The Gradonian Federalist Party was founded on March 11, 2018 by Gradonian President William Wilson in response to the creation of the Gradonian Communist Party. The party would petition the President to make the 14th of June a national holiday, Remembrance Day for Gradonians to display their cultural traditions. During the 30/5 Attack three members of the Federalist were assaulted. Two of the three were President Wilson and Vice President Zimmerman. The third was a member of the Presidential Guard currently on detail with the President. Shortly after the attack the Federalist Party moved to label the then Socialist Party a terror group and to be made illegal.