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The May 30 attack, or more commonly referred to as the 30/5 attack, was an operation organized and orchestrated by the Gradonian Communist Party against the President and Vice President of Gradonia. The attack came after the President's refusal to collectivize all agricultural properties of Gradonia. After investigation, the attack was discovered to be planned over a series of two weeks.


The cause of attack is suggested to be the President's refusal of a bill proposed by the Communist Party on May 5 to collectivize all agricultural properties among workers. The President would refuse the day after stating, "I cannot, in good conscience, commit the lands so many people have work hard for to others who do not have the appreciation those who own it do...". The planning for the attack would begin on May 8, 2018, as confirmed by a document outlining a primitive plan taken by Presidential Service agents after the attack.


The planning for the attack was begun on May 8 and continued until May 27th. The original plan was outlined: "...after the bell rings he heads to [practice]...we will wait by the wood-shop building and confront him there". This plan was scrapped after the President started walking with members of the Gradonian Rangers to the aforementioned 'practice'.