State of Zenrax

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The State of Zenrax
Flag of Zenrax.png
Zenrax coa.png
Coat of arms

Strength and Honor
North America
Capital cityCapital Territory
Official language(s)English (official), Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- The EmperorShiro
- The Prime MinisterKeenan
LegislatureThe Senate
Established15 December 1999 (first factions)
17 December 2014 (unification)
1 July 2019 (current government)
Area claimed+/- 1 sq mi
Population42 citizens
23 registered voters
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)
Time zoneCentral Standard Time
National animalHydra

Zenrax, also known as the State of Zenrax and formerly as the Federation of Zenrax, is an unrecognized, autonomously governed organization that is nominally headquartered on the North American continent. As part of a long-running series of project or hobby organizations, Zenrax's current iteration has existed since 2014. Historically, Zenrax traces its origins back to the winter of 1999, with the formation of warring factions that fought over control of what later became the capital territory. Shiro, officially the third leader of the country, took the role of head of state beginning in late 2014. Currently, Zenrax exists as an independent academic order composed of a new core of prominent citizens that had no connections with Zenrax before its 2014 reconstitution.

During its peak as a territorial organization, Zenrax was a modest-sized entity, at its peak controlling approximately three square miles of territory with its small security force. In addition to establishing a capable self-defense militia, it crafted a foreign policy credited for the small nation's rise in prestige and strong set of allies in its heyday during the mid-2010's. Beginning in late 2016, the government became increasingly concerned with combating internal stagnation that eventually ran unchecked. By 2018, the country's territory began to shut down internally due to lack of functionality, with this leading to the Federation's dissolution on November 2018. While internal activity slowed down, a series of fundamental reforms during the next two years saw Zenrax reorganize itself into an academic organization. Today, Zenrax's internal structure consists of two main parts: its core organization of scholars and practitioners, and a small government that exists to moderate its internal proceedings, as well as manage the organization's external affairs. As of 2021, it no longer claims sovereignty, having transferred this right to its original capital region of Stormhold until its core membership is capable of fully resuming its previous activity.


Zenrax took its name from a failed attempt at a local artificial language that was originally created for recreational purposes by citizens. Loosely translated, it meant "Peaceful Land," "Kingdom of Heaven," and so forth. Zenrax was also the name of a location that dissolved upon the nation's federalization in 2015-2018. Other examples of place names taking meaning from this created language include Ferro and Pyrax. (Both ceased to exist in late 2016 and late 2018, respectively.)


Prior to Zenrax's existence, various entities in the area were founded and disbanded in succession from 1999 through 2009. Locally, the most historically important of these factions were the Confederacy (existed during most of 2003), and the Red Alliance (existed 2005 - c. 2009). The Confederacy was the only successful direct democracy to exist, with elections not being held for over a decade since then until Zenrax's foundation in 2014. The Red Alliance was a unitary, militaristic faction that controlled the area for several years until its eventual death by stagnation after 2009, when its original citizens dispersed for a while. Its storied existence contributed much to Zenrax's culture, government, and law. After the Red Alliance faded into obscurity, there was no related activity until the formation of Stormhold beginning 2014 and culminating with the election of its head of state and the subsequent formation of the Senate, both on December 16, 2014.

After a provisional period lasting six months, Stormhold federalized. In the process, it reorganized itself into the Federation of Zenrax on May 21, 2015. The newly reorganized polity then ceremonially declared independence to commemorate the event. Between 2015 and 2018, the government further refined its core institutions and enacted increasingly broad reforms to combat the building effects of national stagnation. Between May 2015 and October 2018, there were three major reformations of the failing central government in attempts to keep the entity alive. By late 2018, Zenrax had become extremely burdened by non-functional core institutions (such as the Senate) that could not be legally dissolved or assimilated by other branches of government. Seeing this, the central government elected to dissolve the Federation by November 2018, leaving only the capital territory (also now called Zenrax) and the Order of the Rose intact. Reforms conducted through 2019 and 2020 saw the organization fundamentally restructure to accommodate a slow pace of activity, as well as its members' shifting personal goals.


Zenrax has been ruled by five formal governments since its foundation on December 16, 2014. The first government existed Zenrax was known as Stormhold, and ran as a unitary government with just a Senate and the Emperor making all internal decisions, in tandem with the royal family (which incidentally consisted of most of the citizenry at the time). Zenrax federalized in 2015, and the Senate was reformed to accommodate this as the second government. This arrangement lasted until November 2018, when the federation dissolved, leaving only a residual territory to serve as headquarters. The third government barely existed, being ruled solely by decree until the government reformed in mid-2019. This lasted for about a year, after which it restructured into its current (and fifth) form.

Logo of the Ministry of Energy, Science, and Technology (EST)

Currently, the title that the Head of State holds is undecided, unlike before the Federation's dissolution in 2018. Nonetheless, the head of state still has well-defined duties as a figurehead that include managing external affairs, moderating the government's proceedings, and acting as a final point of appeal in the case of internal disputes.


While being somewhat unique in and of itself, Zenraxian culture still remains much of the way it has been in the Old South for many generations, even after its dissolution and subsequent revival. Influencing the government's former institutions were aspects of feudal Japan as well as Victorian Era Britain during the height of its power. Native Texan cultures also had some influence on the original people of Zenrax. The current government vaguely resembles that of the United Kingdom, although there are notable attempts to create something unique that fits Zenrax specifically as a smaller polity.

Many aspects of its government and culture are fairly unique, having been built from scratch or having evolved organically over many years. The government model, to the present day, is meant to emphasize the freedom for a person to choose their destiny, whatever that may be, so long as it does not involve intentionally bringing harm to another individual in the process. Several attempts have been made at a "native" script, some of which survive the Federation's dissolution. Most subsequent attempts in improving these scripts have failed, with none being made since the mid-2010's.

Foreign Relations

Throughout its history, Zenrax has remained very exclusive with its choices of allies, often holding new nations at arm's length until a determination of their worthiness could be made. Alliances have usually lasted until the dissolution of the other party, with one notable exception being Zenrax's treaty with Abelden, which it withdrew from in June 2019. Several strict prohibitions were historically made against what diplomatic requests Zenrax could honor. Among these are prohibitions of mutual recognition as a tool of diplomacy (since 2014), informal relations without any treaty (since 2017), and purely ceremonial trade agreements (2018). Additionally, war has not been a tool of diplomacy in the country since 2016, with the last action by its militia being a routine patrol of then-controlled territory in late 2015.

The following are political entities that Zenrax maintains external relations with, with formal agreements being renewed (unilaterally or otherwise) during reforms passed in 2019.