Gradonian Alert System

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The Gradonian Alert System (Shortly GAS) is Gradonia's national security and weather alert system. It was created on 1 May 2019. The Defense Alert (DEFAL) system had defined five levels of threats represented by five colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. In January 2020, the Department of Defense added four additional colors: Turquoise, Lime. Amber, and Coquelicot. The Meteorological Alert (METAL) was created on the same day as the Defense Alert system. The METAL system defined four levels of disasters by three colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red., this was later amended to retain the letters, but the names Grass, Canary, Helmet, and Fire, would be assigned in addition.

DEFAL Levels

Alert level Color Event Measures taken
Blue No danger No danger
Turquoise Perceived threat, unconfirmed intent Moderate readiness alert
Green Threat to civilians, moderate activity Police notified, no public notification
Lime Threat to military, moderate activity Police and armed forces notified, public announcement
Yellow Attack or serious threat to military or civilians, increasing activity Police and military notified, populous advised
Amber General threat or attack, increasing activity Police and armed forces alerted, public advisory
Orange Extreme threat to the government, high and severe activity All police and armed forces are put on alert, public warned, emergency actions prepared
Coquelicot Extreme threat or attack on Gradonia or United States, increasing activity Armed and Emergency forces prepared, public warned, emergency actions
Red War declared on Gradonia or the United States All police and military members mobilized, emergency actions taken

METAL Levels

Alert level Code and color Event
Grass No danger
Canary Thunderstorm, heavy rain, moderate wind, some hail, low temperatures (-8 °C - -13 °C), high temperatures (32 °C - 40 °C)
Helmet strong wind, moderate flooding, continuing hail, weak earthquake, abnormally low temperatures (-13+°C), abnormally high temperatures (40+°C)
Fire Very strong wind, Tornado, hurricane, severe earthquake, flash flooding, landslide, extremely low temperatures (-20+°C), extremely high temperatures (45+°C)