Charlington Press

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The Charlington Press
Logo of the Charlington Press
Named afterThe city of Charlington, Gradonia
Formation13 February 2018
FounderWilliam Wilson
TypeNews Agency
Legal statusCompany
HeadquartersCharlington, Willvian, State of Gradonia
OwnerWilliam Wilson
Key people
William Wilson
Editor in Chief
Richard Brandels
WebsiteThe Charlington Press
YouTube Channel

The Charlington Press is a Gradonian news company based in Gradonia and the Commonwealth of Dracul. The Charlington Press was founded on 13 February 2018 by William Wilson. The company currently provides internet, press, and broadcasting services. The Charlington Press is currently provides Gradonian presidential broadcasts. The company currently has two branches: the broadcasting branch through the Charlington Press YouTube channel and the press branch through the Charlington Press website and newspaper.