Republic of Ellsmeras

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Republic of Ellsmeras

Semper in parte dis
English: Always on god's side
Capital cityEllsmeras City
Official language(s)English
Established17 December 2018
Time zoneGMT
The Republic of Ellsmeras is a member of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations


The Republic of Ellsmeras is a self-declared independent state (micronation), with claims in the UK. The republic was created on the 17th of December 2019 thus the day being a national holiday. The Empire was established in the UK.


Currently, there is only one city in Ellsmeras which is also the current capital of the Republic. The name of the city being Ellesmere Hamlet with relations to the republic's name.


The official language of the republic is English although a variety of other secondary languages are spoken such as greek and Spanish.


The motto of the republic is 'Semper in parte dis' meaning 'always on God's side' in Latin. The motto represents the religious commitment of the nation.

National Flag

The flag was adopted during the independence of the republic. It displays a big white stripe, a great black star in the middle and a blue background. The white stripe represents the freedom of the republic as well as its newness and finnally, the blue background is the nation's colours.