Islamic Republic of Hala'ib Triangle

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Islamic Republic of Hala’ib Triangle
Flag of islamic-State-of-habi.jpeg Flag
Coat of arms
Motto: استمتع بالحياة (Enjoy Life)
Anthem: Rise of the Followers
File:Hala’ib Triangle
and largest city
Official languagesArabic, English
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• King
Adil III
• President
Anthony Ahmad Dickson
• Prime Minister
Iman Hossein Dickson
Establishment2 March 2018
• Census
CurrencySudanese pound, Łight Net

The Islamic Republic of Hala’ib Triangle is a micronation founded on 1 March 2018 as Hala’ib Triangle Islamic State. It claims the area between Egypt and Sudan known as the Hala’ib Triangle. None of its seventeen citizens live on the nation's claimed territory.

National Animal

The national animal is the scorpion. It was initially the wolf, but as no wolves inhabit the Hala’ib Triangle, Prime Minister Anthony Ahmed Dickson opened a vote to potentially change the national animal. This led to the scorpion being democratically selected as the new national animal.