2020 Micro-National Naval Chess Tournament

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The Naval Chess Tournament was held in early 2020 in the mounth of january. The final winner was Siplia with the runner up in second place being the Imperial Federation of the Blue Army. Many of the micronations that took part in the event are defunct. non defunct nations (as of new years 2023) that are known to be still active are the following: the B.A (Imperial Federation of the Blue Army), Siplia, Askio, Askidogo, Federation Of Green & Blue (is a vassle of the B.A), A.S.G.A, Askioa meritoa. many of the nations competing in the competition are related to one another. such as the many askion micronations aswell as the B.A and the federation of Green and blue, alongside the related micronations of Treeland, Zivea, toopim, and Vivia wich all make up the Treenian allaice of micronations (unfortuently all members of the alliance are defunct as of 11/11/2022 with Treeland anaouncing that it will cease to exist as its founder and owner of the micronaion saying he is selling the treahouse). the event was orginised by the Princeptor Micronational Chess Coalition

Round 1

Group A

Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Notes Winner
Askio Quanok Republic first game of the event Askio
Siplea Askidogo N/A Siplea
Federation Of Green & Blue Askioa meritoa N/A Federation Of Green & Blue
Zivea A.S.G.A Ziveas contestant surrenderd in the late game. A.S.G.A

Group B

Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Notes Winner
Treeland New kingdom of great Rome Longest match in the competition Tealand
Yellada Toopim Toopims contestant surrendered before the match ended Yellada
Elbaton Vivia N/A Vivia
Blue Army Tellia N/A Blue Army

Round 2

Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Notes Winner
Askio Siplea N/A Siplea
Federation Of Green & Blue A.G.S.A N/A A.G.S.A
Treland Yellada N/A Yellada
Blue Army Vivia Shortest Match in the competition Blue Army

Round 3

Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Notes Winner
Siplea A.G.S.A N/A Siplea
Yellada Blue Army N/A Blue Army


Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Notes Winner
Siplea Blue Army N/A Siplea

Flags of partisipating Micronations

not all flags shown
Askidogo.png Askidogo (A Askioan Micronation)
Askio.png Capitalistic Republic of Askio (Also known as Askio and the first Askion Micronation)
Blue flag.png Blue Army (AKA The Imperial Federation of the Blue Army)
Flag Of The Federation Of Green & Blue.png Federation of Green and Blue (Vassle of the B.A)
The flag of the siplian chess team. Siplea (not the official flag of siplia but thier chess teams official flag)
the old flag of Vivia used from january 2020 till march 2021 Vivia (This Micronation no longer exists)


The winning team received medals. And a paper saying they won first place. Only the first place and second place teams received the awards.

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